Winter is Here: Time to Moisturize!

Winter is Here: Time to Moisturize!

Some people think winter is the most magical of all seasons. This is hard for us Brazilians to understand. But one thing we can all agree on, no matter where you’re from: our skin doesn’t love winter! To help keep your body smooth and hydrated throughout the cold months, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for winter-ready skin!

Both the dry heat indoors and the cold, rough wind outdoors really dry out skin. You probably notice it most on the areas of your body that are naturally hardest to keep hydrated: cheeks, hands, feet and legs. But your whole body can use extra hydration. From now until spring, we recommend these routines more than ever to take extra care of your skin:

Dial Up Your Moisturizer

One of the tricks to help keep your skin hydrated is to apply moisturizer or oils when the skin is still damp, right after you take a short, lukewarm shower. Yes, you read it right…warm shower. Sadly, hot baths –– one of the nicest treats of winter! –– can leave your skin even drier. Applying products to your damp skin helps retain moisture, instead of evaporating.

We suggest you try these:

✔ Our shower milk  moisturizes the skin and prevents dehydration. And if you absolutely need your hot baths to survive the winter, the milk is a great fix for the itchy, red, tight skin right after you get out of the extra hot water. 

✔ Natura’s body butters are also incredibly efficient for intense hydration. They are very concentrated, and thicker than most, but still very easy to spread and are quickly absorbed by the skin.

 Dry body oils give skin a delicate sheen and a velvety soft touch. Vegan in its formula, it delivers radiant, satin-smooth skin with a blend of skin-nourishing natural oils.

Protect Hands and Feet

Hands are the parts of our bodies we use most. They are also the most exposed area during winter, even when we’re dressed from head to toe. As well as our feet, hands can get very dry, sensitive and even develop rashes during the dry winter months. Wearing gloves and socks isn’t protection enough. So before heading out the house, or preparing for bedtime, it’s important to give them special care.

We suggest you try these:

✔ Natura’s Hand Creams are extremely effective. They strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier and leave your skin feeling comfortable, never greasy. As a bonus, the scents are amazing! You should consider carrying one in your purse. 

✔ Our Concentrated Oil was designed to boost the effects of our hand & foot cream. Just add a few drops of the oil and apply to areas where you notice rashes or calluses.

Add More Oils To Your Routine

Taking care of your face includes more than just applying sunscreen. Pollution and dryness are also damaging to your skin. Before leaving the house, consider adding face oil and moisturizer to your morning rituals, alongside the basics like brushing your teeth and putting on make up. 

We suggest you try these:

✔ Natura’s Daily Revitalizing Oil restores vitality and radiance to dull, stressed skin caused by daily aggressions such as dryness and pollution. Its lightweight, fast-absorbing formula makes your skin look restored, relaxed and visibly renewed.

✔ Our Energizing Face Cream is ideal for ages 30+, as it also acts on the first signs of aging. This multi-tasking moisturizer hydrates, energizes and protects with Brazilian Jambu Extract. 

And remember: drink a lot of water and consider sleeping with a humidifier in your room. Happy winter!



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