The Unique Hydrating Powers of Ucuuba

The Unique Hydrating Powers of Ucuuba

This powerful Amazonian seed has changed lives: of those who use it for its skincare benefits and of those who cultivate it for their livelihood.

As the colder, dryer months approach, Natura is pleased to introduce a wonderful line of products derived from the seed of the ucuubeira, a tree native to the floodplains of the Amazon.

Discovering the Power of Ucuuba

The full cosmetic potential of the Ucuuba was first identified by our researchers 14 years ago. The seeds and their butter were studied thoroughly for a decade before our R&D team was able to incorporate the butter into skincare products.

The surprising formulas of the new Ucuuba range combine a high hydration power with an incredibly light texture. Ucuuba butter is loaded with essential fatty acids that improve elasticity and firmness for all skin types in pleasingly lightweight formulas.

hand holding ucuuba fruits

For hundreds of years, the ucuubeira has played an important role in indigenous communities. In particular, shamans relied on the hallucinogenic attributes of the tree’s bark for their rituals. The oil from the fruit and seeds was long appreciated as a healing ointment for wounds. The plant-based butter was also used to replace animal tallow in soap-making. But these traditional uses for the tree were threatened as loggers began to prize its strong but lightweight wood for making variety of products including broomsticks, stakes and door frames. The local people earned income from cutting down the trees and greatly depleted this unique resource. Even today, the tree is one of the most exported internationally.  

Understanding the power of the Ucuuba, Natura developed a product range from the fruit's butter and currently teaches communities to value of the tree’s seeds. Now they harvest and sell the Ucuuba seeds, which guarantee more freedom and financial independence to them.  


 “...if we kill the tree, we will not have seeds to collect...” 

“...let’s cherish it alive and try to keep the trees standing...” 


Keep the Forest Standing

At Natura, we are constantly seeking ways to combat destructive industries and to unlock the means for sustainable economic growth in the Amazon. (Read more about our CEW Sustainability Excellence Award here.) 

Developing cosmetic products made from the butter has allowed Natura to tip the economics of the ucuubeira tree. The seeds now generate income for more than 1100 local families in the community and the trees are now 5 times more valuable alive and growing than they are cut down for timber. In 2016, an area as big as 150 soccer fields was preserved through the cultivation of Ucuuba for the cosmetic industry. (Read more on our efforts to keep the forest standing here.)

Ucuuba is proof that nature generates beauty, bringing prosperity back to the forest.