What is beauty to you? For Natura, it all begins with care. We believe beauty is the power you have to create more beauty in the world. It’s the starting point you activate when you want to show the best you’ve got. It comes from within, after all, nothing is as powerful as feeling good in your own skin. When you care for yourself, you feel good and can expand your care for the planet. So use the power you have to make a more beautiful world by choosing brands that care for the same things you do. Because when you care, you create beauty.

We are Natura

We care about you

We develop formulas with safe, natural and renewable ingredients from the Brazilian Amazon Forest. We combine our knowledge of this biodiversity with the best in cosmetic technology, to enhance the performance of our products and deliver the best results for you, through bio-active ingredients from seeds, plants and fruits.

We care about relationships

We work together with local forest communities to extract ingredients in a sustainable manner, ensuring opportunity, well-being and income for all.

We care about the planet

We seek innovations inspired by nature and, through our sustainable practices, we motivate people to keep the forest alive. In addition, we prioritize the use of postconsumer recycled and renewable materials in producing our packaging and refills.

Because we care

We are always searching for innovations and challenging the cosmetics market to make a more beautiful world. That’s how we have been creating beauty for over 50 years in Brazil and in the world.

We care. Do you?

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