8 Tips For Firmer Skin

8 Tips For Firmer Skin

Learn 8 tips to ensure your face will remain at its best- brilliant and radiating firmness- regardless of your age.

Firm skin is that well-known great moisturized skin...

And how to make sure it stays like that?

A nutritious diet, regular exercise, staying out of the sun, and never smoking are important factors, as is having a skincare routine that prioritizes maintaining the skin's firmness and elasticity. Here are 8 tips to ensure your face will remain at its best- brilliant and radiating firmness- regardless of your age.

1. Stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin

Where skin is concerned, the loss of firmness is a natural process. This occurs because of the decrease in collagen and elastin fibers, proteins produced by the organism that is essential for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Over the years, these levels start to diminish, resulting in the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles, and increased flaccidity.

Fortunately, it is possible to deal with this trend. One ally in your beauty routine could be Natura's Intensive Firming Serum which restores the skin's firmness and elasticity and blurs wrinkles. The serum improves the contours of the face with Jatobá extract, which multiplies collagen production by 8x and protects the skin support fibers, and saccharides, which have a tensing effect on the deepest layers of skin, reinforcing their firmness.

2. Pay attention to your eyes

At a time when the use of masks is intensive, your eyes are your window to the world. A good specific cosmetic for this region will help to improve firmness and radiate all your beauty. The Smoothing Eye Contour Serum developed through the combination of highly concentrated Brazilian biodiversity ingredient Jambu, which provides a natural lifting effect, with Hyaluronic Acid- a powerful aid in moisturizing, filling the skin and reducing wrinkles. It deeply reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, restoring the firmness and elasticity of tired eyelids, making your eyes look brighter as well as lifting and firming your skin! 

3. Don't smoke

Smoking is harmful to your health and for your beauty too, destroying the collagen and the elastin and diminishing levels of estrogen, which is necessary for firm skin. In short, there is nothing to gain from smoking. 

4. Protect your skin from the sun

Applying sun protection every morning is essential for your beauty routine. The sun is a well-known enemy of the skin depending on your exposure to it. Long-term exposure breaks down the collagen and degrades the elastin. The last step of your beauty routine during the day must be to apply a sun protector of at least SPF 30.

5. Adopt a diet rich in omega 3

Your diet should include foods rich in nutrients like Omega 3- present in fish- Lycopene- found in tomatoes, Acerola (Barbados Cherry), Beetroot among others- and which inhibits collagenosis (caused by an enzyme that destroys collagen), as well as vitamins A and C.

6. Your moisturizer as a major ally

Moisturizing is one of the elements of daily care that helps prevent the appearance of early signs of sagginess and restores skin suffering from elasticity and resistance decrease. It also protects the skin from the damage caused by free radicals. Our recommendation is Natura's Hydrating Toner developed with cellular Detox Technology, D-Panthenol, and Vitamin E, a highly moisturizing toner with a creamy texture for normal to dry skin. This provides immediate hydration with an effect that lasts for up to 6 hours, ensuring natural pH balance, helping to eliminate cellular toxins, protecting the cells from oxidation, and producing a skin calming effect.

7. Practice regular physical exercises

Regular physical exercise as part of your routine also has a positive influence on your nutrient intake and skin health. Muscles also suffer as we get older and exercising helps stimulate muscular vitality and circulation. 

8. Choose collagen friendly foods

It is important to choose foods that contribute to collagen production, such as animal, and vegetable proteins like meat, fish, milk, chickpeas, among others. Additionally, Vitamin A- found in egg yolk and spinach- directly promotes cell renewal.

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