My Home, My Spa

My Home, My Spa

A great antidote for the winter blues is to treat yourself to a pampering spa experience. 

You don’t have to go too far or spend a lot of money to have a fully relaxing spa day at home. Here are some ideas for you to create your own magical experience:


Creating a spa atmosphere begins with the right amount of light. Dimming the lamps, turning off any fluorescents and lighting up your Natura candles can make all the difference. Some people save their scented candles for when visitors come over, but the stay-at-home spa experience is about treating yourself as the special guest. Consider using a diffuser with your favorite essential oil and light a palo santo or sage smudge


Next to sight and scent, sound is essential in setting the mood. Begin with the background and choose your favorite ambience:  birds whistling, waves rolling, rain falling… The app Relax Melodies lets you layer these sounds and more to transport you to another place. You could also play some soft music if you’d like. Find a playlist on Spotify, there are many there already. For aficionados, you can cue up your favorite Bossa Nova hits  and let it be the soundtrack of your spa day. 

Take a Bath

Run some hot water and fill your tub to your favorite temperature. The Triple Phase Oil is versatile and can be used both in the bath or shower. The gentle smell of pitanga can help your mind disconnect from the world outside and its endless to-do lists. 

Nourish your Hair

While you are in the bath, a hair mask can be a great addition to your spa menu. We love the Murumuru Hair Mask. Or, you can leave it in while you binge watch your favorite series. Are you done with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet? 

Your Skin

Indulge yourself! Line up your favorite oils, body lotions, and begin your self-massage – hands and feet to start. Continue up your legs and arms, following with abdomen and neck. Save the face for last, and finish with a facial including our Daily Revitalizing Oil.


To help invigorate the parts of your body you can’t reach, consider some stretching exercises. Find a mellow yoga class online and follow along. We love this balancing flow with Amanda Harding. 


Don’t forget to have plenty of water during your day, but in addition to staying hydrated, finishing with a fresh glass of coconut water, a warm cup of tea — even a glass of wine if your spa is relaxed about alcohol allowances :) If so, be sure to pick biodynamic wines which are healthier for you and the planet and won’t give you a headache or disturb your night’s sleep.



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