Oils For Memorable Rituals

Oils For Memorable Rituals

A quick guide to using body oils, hair oils, shower oils in your beauty routines – they turn simple care into memorable rituals. After you try one of our oils, your skin, your hair, and your mood, will thank you. Learn more and chose the ones that work best for you!

For Brazilians, taking a bath or shower – tomar um banho – is so much more than an obligation to clean up. It is a loving and considered ritual, like taking coffee – tomar um café – and as much a vital part of everyone’s day. The scents, the quality and texture of our oils will help make your beauty rituals a little more effective, positive, and powerful – in essence, a little more Brazilian.

We recommend giving the experience the time it deserves, be it a refreshing shower or a quiet face treatment before bedtime. Create the environment for a special moment – light a candle if you are home, put your favorite playlist on and indulge yourself with our oils.

To help you choose the oils that fit your needs best:

Dry Body Oils

What is remarkable about these oils is their dry-touch, non-sticky feel. They give the skin a radiant, satiny-smooth look without any apparent residue. Amazonian oils (Castanha, Açaí or Andiroba) are blended with almond, olive and borage oils which get absorbed quickly by the skin. The result is a delicate sheen and velvety soft touch that comes in handy during sunny days. The ideal moment to apply it is right after your shower or bath. It can also be applied to your legs and arms before leaving the house to give that summer glow!

Concentrated Oils

A more potent and intensely nourishing oil, offered in the Castanha, Açaí and Andiroba scents, can be used on your skin, hair, and nails. It provides very efficient hydration for dryer areas like elbows, knees, and feet, as well as cuticles. It can also be used as a booster to your hand cream – by adding a few drops into the mix. In the Amazon, the Brazil Nut, one of our top-selling ingredients, is revered as the Queen of the Forest by locals, celebrated for its medicinal and beautifying qualities.

Triple Phase Shower Oils

Our best-selling oil is designed to be used in-shower, or while you bathe. It is a perfect alternative for those reluctant to wear body lotions. It is a combination of Andiroba or Maracujá oil and olive, borage, and almond oils that seriously moisturize while offering a vibrant and refreshing, tropical fragrance. Massage it gently onto wet skin after showering. Rinse and pat skin dry. It is every Brazilian woman’s best-kept secret. And according to Women’s Health Magazine, it could even put body lotion out of business!

Patauá Hair Oil

If you enjoy hair oils, such as argan oil, you must try this new hair care product. Known as the olive oil of the Amazon, the Patauá oil is rich in omega-9 and fatty acids. It strengthens the internal structure of the hair fiber and replenishes the hair, leaving the strands soft and shiny. You can use it many times a day, as needed. This versatile oil can be used on dry and wet hair - after the shower, after a dive in the ocean, or on the go to smooth the unwanted frizz and add shine. The Patauá hair oil leaves the hair with an amazingly soft touch and delicately fragranced.

Daily Revitalizing Oil

This revitalizing oil is a youth-enhancing blend of natural oils and esters including grapeseed, almond, and lavender oil. It is a potent antioxidant oil that moisturizes the face, restores vitality and radiance to skin stressed by excess sun and/or pollution. Efficient for all skin types, you only need to apply 3 drops to the palms of your clean hands, rub them together to heat up the product, and then gently massage your face. The ritual can be repeated on your neck, chest or anywhere that needs a little revitalizing.

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