Eco-friendly (And Artsy!) Holiday Gift Wrap

Eco-friendly (And Artsy!) Holiday Gift Wrap

We invited a Brazilian artist to create an exclusive eco-friendly gift wrap to inspire you for the holidays. Let’s enjoy a sustainable gift-giving season! Come learn the step by step.

From its founding more than 40 years ago, Natura has always made a commitment to respect the environment and be socially responsible. This Holiday season, we wanted to give our readers a creative and eco-friendly way to wrap end-of-the-year gifts. We could think of no one better than Brazilian artist and textile print designer Liana Nigri, whose work is based around themes related to nature. We invited Nigri to create something specially for this blog, and she came up with a beautiful idea! 

For this challenge, Nigri said she took inspiration from her “Adam & Eve series”, something she considers to be the pinnacle of her research as an artist. Monstera plants in Portuguese are called ‘Costela de Adão’, which literally means Adam’s rib."

The leaf of the Monstera plant comes in a wide range of scale, so she picked one for each size of the books she was wrapping, as examples from our step by step guide show below:
- She then folded the leaves,
- Created a strap out of other leaves to hold the tips,
- And to close the strap, she used Washi tape and string -- which holds it all together with a cute flower she chose to give some extra color.

We asked her about the importance of sustainability. “I believe that it's always fun to be creative and create something unique, especially when it means generating less waste. We have to train our eyes to see what surrounds us. Nature has plenty of solutions.” The most amazing thing about the material she's chosen to use – both in her work and in the eco-friendly Holiday gift wrap – is that it has an afterlife. “It gets even prettier once it dries!”, concludes Nigri.

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