Complete Guide To Having Incredible Straight Hair

Complete Guide To Having Incredible Straight Hair

Straight and straightened hair may seem practical but requires care to ensure it doesn't look oily or lifeless. 

Straight hair normally requires less care. However, you must get the products right. This makes it easy for you to avoid oiliness and show off your glossy, silky hair. See the following tips from hairdresser Guilherme Cassolari and start taking care of your hair right away! 

Caring for straight hair 

It is easy and practical to incorporate care for straight hair into your routine. See our main tips below. 

  1. Avoid washing your hair every day. This makes it produce more oil to compensate for the oil that has been removed. You should wash your hair every two days, massaging the roots and making sure you rinse out all the product used; 
  2. It is best to use a gentle cleansing shampoo; 
  3. Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water to ensure the cuticles close, making your hair glossier. This also helps prevent dandruff; 
  4. Have the ends trimmed frequently. This keeps your hair healthy and helps avoid split ends; 
  5. Use specific products for your hair type, such as those from the Natura Lumina Straight Hair Treatment System, which promises healthy, protected, and bouncy hair from the first application. This is due to the brand’s exclusive Pró-Teia Biotechnology, which promotes a protein recharge in the hair, with an anti-pollution active ingredient;
  6. Do not tie your hair with elastic bands that can harm and break the strands. Use options made from cloth instead. 

How to moisturize straight, oily hair 

Not all straight hair is the same, and factors such as the thickness of the strands, oiliness, and dryness may vary. “The roots of straight hair tend to get oily during the course of the day and it is a mistake to think that this kind of hair does not require care and moisturizing”, says Gui Cassolari. Knowing what is different about your hair and what it needs will determine the type of product to use after washing and how often it should be hydrated.  

According to the expert, the first step is to wash your hair with a specific product, such as Purifying Shampoo for Straight Hair, from Natura Lumina, which ensures hair that is just straight enough, with reduced oiliness for a longer time and no dry ends. After, it is important to condition using Protecting Conditioner for Straight Hair, also from Natura Lumina, which moisturizes and ensures glossy hair without leaving it heavy. 

Want another tip?  Ekos Patauá Strengthening Hair Mask repairs the cuticles and reduces breakage. And if you have the habit of running your hand through your hair all the time, it is time to stop. This also increases oiliness. 

How to moisturize dry or dried out hair 

Have you noticed signs of dryness? Include Repairing Mask for Dry Hair, from Natura Lumina, in your care routine. It promotes immediate, progressive treatment, repairing hair from the cortex to the cuticle with 2X fewer split ends. Use it from 1 to 3 times a week. 

"Regardless of how dry or damaged the hair is, this type of product should not be applied at less than three finger widths from the root", the specialist adds. 

Step by step moisturizing at home 

  1. Use an anti-residue shampoo. This opens the capillary fiber, improving absorption of the moisturizing product; 
  2. Leave the conditioner for after the hydrating mask. Contrary to what many people think, one product does not preclude the use of the other. The mask incorporates nutrients into the strands, while the conditioner hydrates externally and seals the cuticles; 
  3. Before applying the mask, remove any excess moisture. When the hair is very wet, the mask ends up being diluted, which diminishes its moisturizing power. So before applying the mask, remove the excess water from your hair with a towel, but without rubbing it. 

      How to hydrate straightened hair 

      The care routine for chemically straightened hair is different from that used with naturally straight hair. Chemically straightened hair tends to have bad damage that extends to the capillary cortex, affecting the glossiness and malleability of the strands. When this is the case, use the Natura Lumina Treatment for Chemically Damaged Hair. Comprising Restructuring ShampooPro-Vitality ConditionerRegenerating Mask, and Hair Regenerating Serum, it promotes the progressive regeneration of badly damaged hair, shielding the strands, and providing thermal and UV protection. 

      Day to day hydration 

      Even on days when you don’t use products after washing, you should pay attention to habits that prolong hydration. People with straight hair tend not to use irons but they do use hair dryers. We know that excess heat is an enemy of well-nourished, glossy hair. “Thermal protectors and pre-brushing products are good alternatives for maintaining hydration”, the hairdresser declares.  

      Natura Lumina's Straight Hair Anti-Pollution Spray offers 6 benefits in one: anti-pollution action, anti-frizz effect, protection against the effects of UV radiation, thermal protection, anti-humidity action, and anti-oxidant action. Spray it on dry or wet hair, avoiding the roots. Do not rinse! 

      See how easy it is to have glossy, hydrated, and healthy hair? Following these tips for washing, caring for and even for cutting, your hair will be even more beautiful, and you will look great all day long!  

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