What is the Color of Your New Year?

What is the Color of Your New Year?

Colors have significance in many religions and societies. In Brazil, colors play a big role in the tropical day to day life, but especially on New Year’s day. Read on and find your New Year’s color!

New Year's Eve in Brazil: in case you haven’t done it, add this to your bucket list. It's summer, it's hot, and everyone - and we mean everyone - dresses in white. It symbolizes their wish for peace. In the coastal cities, thousands of people flock to the beach, offering flowers to Yemanjá, an African goddess of the sea, by throwing them into the water. If you want to embrace the tradition but aren’t planning on wearing white, we have a plan B: why not indulge your skin with our Castanha Body Lotion right before midnight?

As the legend goes, different colors grant you different wishes. And most Brazilians take special care in choosing their underwear color for New Year’s Eve.

 Yellow Color Swoosh

Yellow, for instance, is said to attract money. But if yellow underwear isn't your taste, don’t panic. Just use Maracujá Triple Phase Oil  or Maracujá Exfoliating Soap  in your last shower of 2018! They will get you ready for abundance.

Pink Color Swoosh

If romance is your ultimate 2019 goal, then pink is your color. On the last evening of 2018, caress your skin with our deliciously scented Cumaru Creamy Body Soap, and even spray some Cumaru Água before your party.

Red Color Swoosh 

For passion, add some red to the mix: cover yourself with Ucuuba Body Butter, or shower with Ucuuba Creamy Body Wash. A torrid affair could be just around the corner.

 Orange Color Swoosh

Orange represents energy and creativity. And for us it means Pitanga. If that's your wish, there's no better way to start the year than with our melt-in-your-skin Pitanga Whipped Body Mousse.

 Purple Color Swoosh

Spirituality, on the other hand, is represented by purple, which brings us to Açaí Concentrated Oil, for the body and face. It energizes and revitalizes the body for a good start to the new year.

Green Color Swoosh 

Regardless of the color you choose, we believe green is universal: it means hope. So, light your Andiroba Scented Candle throughout the year and have a wonderful 2019!

We at Natura wish you happy holidays and a colorful new year!!


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