Give It Like You Mean it: Gift Giving by Zodiac Signs

Give It Like You Mean it: Gift Giving by Zodiac Signs

We created a fun, informative, shopping guide based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Search below and add the perfect products to your shopping cart!

As astrology fans know, the day you were born defines your sign, the constellation on which the sun was shining on that day. Your sign, for those who believe, represents your personality, sense of self, preferences, and the ways in which you navigate the world.

We’ve made a shopping guide for each sign, to be used by mystic and skeptic alike! And even if you don’t feel like you belong to the sign that you were born under, you may still enjoy the benefits of super soft hands, shiny hair and nurtured skin.


Aries Horoscope Sign

Best match: Maracujá Triple Phase Shower Oil

This luxurious in-shower moisturizing treatment, with soothing Maracujá oil from Brazil, will calm you down, and leave your skin smooth and radiant for your next big adventure. 

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Best match: Terra Eau de Parfum 

Just like your personality, this fabulously striking fragrance is earthy and embracing.

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Best match: Pitanga Whipped Body Mousse

This melt-in-your skin lightweight cream will leave your body feeling fresh, lightly scented and continuously hydrated all the way from work to late happy hours.   

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Best match: Ucuuba Body Butter 

This amazing skin-repairing body lotion blended with restorative Ucuuba butter will soften your skin for cozy moments at home with your nearest and dearest.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Skin Solutions Gift Sets

This trio of perfectly designed products for your skin will help clean, protect and moisturize your face, leaving you ready for Center Stage!!

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Cumaru Liquid Hand Soap

This lightly lathering, sulfate-free hand soap cleans hands gently with coconut-derived cleansers paired with comforting Cumaru extract from Brazil to fit your personality and make sure everything is clean, tidy and ready to get accomplished!

Libra Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Madeira Branca Eau de Parfum

Madeira Branca was inspired by Brazilian architecture—strong and modern, but still immersed in nature—with hints of warm woods, spicy black pepper, and calming musk. The perfect scent for the art loving type.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Maracujá Creamy Exfoliating Soap

This vegan exfoliating soap made in the Amazon with a blend of Brazilian oils will intensify your seduction skills.

Sagitarius Zoadiac Sign

Best Match: Handmade Clutch Set Açaí

Two of our best-loved products (hand cream and soap bar) in a beautiful limited edition handmade raffia clutch will be the perfect pairing for both your adventurous, and generous spirit – keep one of the items and give the other to a dear friend.

 Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Castanha Hand Cream

A classic. Our bestselling cream blended with nourishing Castanha oil and Murumuru butter to treat and soften hands will make you feel ready to reach out to help and hold others.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Daily Revitalizing Oil 

A lightweight, youth-enhancing blend of natural oils and esters including grapeseed, almond, and lavender oils together with Brazilian Sapucainha provides powerful antioxidant protection which will please your self-reliant personality. 

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Best Match: Andiroba Scented Candle

Our Andiroba-scented candle fills the air with a powerful, invigorating scent that wakes up the senses. Made in small batches from a coconut/soy wax blend, it will create the perfect environment for insightful inspiration.

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