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Surprise the ones you love with Natura skincare gifts this year.

It is time to dream together, to create magical and renewing moments with the ones we love. We may be physically distant, but we need to stay closer than ever. This year, be present in the lives of your friends and family in the form of a gift. A special gift that demonstrates how much you care.

How about gifting those who are essential to you with our essential skincare products too? Natura Chronos is our everyday facial skin care line for each skin need and stage of life. Spread your love by gifting beauty items: serums, moisturizers, cleansers, toners and eye creams, that deeply nourish the skin, to reveal the unique beauty of those you love.

Let us help you choose the perfect gift, check out the selection of our hero skincare products:

Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator

With Fevillea extract, hyaluronic acid and prebiotic, this super-concentrated gel promotes instant hydration recharge, activates your skin’s intelligence, for 5x more hydrated skin, up to 24 hours.

Anti Signs of Aging Face Creams

Throughout life, we notice different age signs on our skin. Chronos offers the perfect anti-sign of aging treatment at all stages, find out which one suits your needs best: energizing, firming & radiance, revitalization & filling, and restoration & defense face creams.

Oil Control and Pores Refiner Serum

A powerful ingredient combination: Babaçu Prebiotic and Mandelic acid, this night serum treats most issues caused by excessive oil production. Restores skin’s microbiome, reduces size and amount of visible pores above 78%. 

Dark Spot Corrector 10% Pure Vitamin C

Formulated with Vitamin C and Aroeira extract, a natural brightener that reduces melanin production, this Serum inhibits the production of skin pigment. Its brightening function acts on different types of dark spots. 

Intensive Firming Serum

Boost collagen production 8x more with our serum, which combines hyaluronic acid and Jatobá extract, a natural ingredient that acts directly against sagging face. Reinforces skin tissue support, recovers firmness and elasticity.

Smoothing Eye Contour Serum

This fluid and easy-to-apply emulsion serum has higher concentrations of Jambu extract and hyaluronic acid. Reduces expression lines and improves eyelids firmness.

When you choose our hero products, you are offering moments of care wrapped up in form of a gift. After all, if gifting just one item is nice, imagine the impact of an entire skincare routine? What an amazing gift! Natura developed high performance Chronos routines with just a few steps, for every skin need. Because, with the right products you do not need many steps. Discover the perfect routine for gifting or even taking care of your skin:

Instant Hydration Recharge Routine

Oil Control and Pore Refiner Routine

Purifying and Luminous Routine

Ultimate Firmness and Elasticity Routine

Even Skin Tone Routine

Anti Signs of Aging:  Each Age, One Routine

Limited Time Holiday Gift Sets:

Holiday Hydrating Skincare Duo Set

Holiday Nourishing Skincare Duo Set

Holiday Energizing 30+ 3-Step Set

Holiday Firming 45+ 3-Step Set

Holiday Revitalizing 60+ 3-Step Set

This Holiday Season, inspire your friends and family with sustainable beauty choices, by choosing a brand that cares for the same things you do. It is time to commit to our dreams about a world where everybody cares and feels the care. It is time to stay closer, stay connected and dream in a world everybody deserves.

Create meaningful moments filled with care at the end of this year. Discover Natura skincare gifts to celebrate the ones you love and even celebrate yourself. In every Natura gift, there is our dream of a more beautiful world. This Christmas, let’s dream together! #NaturaHolidays #DreamWithNatura 

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