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Serum with brightening action for different types of darkened areas, at all stages of formation and loss of uniformity in skin tone. The combination of pure Vitamin C, Elastinol + R and Vitamin E has proven efficacy producing fast and intensive results. 

The Benefits

  • Inhibits production of skin pigment
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Antioxidant action
  • Stimulates elastin
  • Prevents new spots and photoaging
  • Silicon texture formula with ideal absorption that leaves your skin soft immediately

Expert Tip: Combine this serum with our Gentle Cleansing Mousse, and Toners for optimal results.

  • Apply the product once a day after cleansing face and neck, preferably at night
  • Use of a sunscreen is necessary during the treatment to prevent the appearance of new dark spots.
  • Star Ingredients:
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

  • See the full list of ingredients

    Formulated Without: parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, triclosan, DEA and animal ingredients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the product's active ingredients?

    Aroeira extract, an active ingredient extracted from a Brazilian biodiversity tree, is rich in gallic acid. It brightens hyper-pigmented (dark) areas by inhibiting the melanin producing enzyme, consequently brightening existing spots and preventing new ones.

    Pure, soluble and stable vitamin C, brightens darkened areas and evens-out skin tone by inhibiting the melanin producing enzyme.

    Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy-acid, exfoliates the skin, brightening it.

    Ferulic acid, a potent skin antioxidant that inhibits free radicals and balances-out the dark spot appearance process.

    Yes, this product has a high active-ingredient concentration (18% of the total formula) and acts on three fronts: reverses dark spots, stimulates natural defense mechanisms that teach the skin to self-regulate melanin production, and prevents the formation of new spots.

    Vitamin C is highly recognized in the dermatological market for its great skin effectiveness but is also highly unstable. Therefore, having a high concentration of vitamin C is not enough: it must be pure, soluble and stable.
    Pure: Greater effectiveness, because it is ready to work on the skin.

    Soluble: Greater penetration into the deepest skin layers.

    Stable: Higher vitamin C power to the last product application.

    Since it is a product with a high active ingredient concentration, it is recommended to be used at night because, during this period, the skin is more receptive for treatments. However if you do apply during the day, it is necessary to use a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen, since the skin becomes more sensitive.

    It is recommended to use the product at night, on clean and dry skin, every other day for the first week of treatment, to better adapt the skin to the formula's ingredients. After the first week, the product should be used daily, by applying a small amount on the face.


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