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Offering refills is part of our plan to create more beauty in the world.

Did you know that we were the first Brazilian company to commercialize refills in 1983? We practice using raw materials from the communities of the Amazon region in a sustainable way and we encourage the conservation of the forest. In addition to that, we also use safe ingredients, in accordance with the current international scientific criteria; we monitor 6,000 ingredients on 24 global human and environmental safety lists. 

Offering refills is part of our plan to create more beauty in the world. 

Refillable products not only contribute to care for the planet, but they also help you save money. Did you know that refills are 20% cheaper than a regular product?

Ecological Packaging

We're more than just pretty packaging - our packaging combines aesthetics and functionality to generate the least environmental impact possible. We prioritize the use of post-consumer recycled and renewable materials. We seek to develop solutions that make recycling easier and guarantee the human rights of the families involved in the collection of the waste we reuse. 

432 tons of plastic disposal avoided = 22 million 1-liter pet bottles no longer thrown out, and recycled into new cosmetics packs.

Climate Commitment

All Natura products are carbon neutral and have been 100% carbon neutral since 2007. This means we account for the carbon in everything we do. Ranging from the extraction of ingredients to the final product disposal, including transportation and production in our factories.

Our focus is on reducing direct and indirect emissions throughout the chain. The emissions that we are unable to avoid are offset via carbon credits purchase from projects that generate social and environmental benefits.

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