Porous hair: how to identify and take care of it

Porous hair: how to identify and take care of it

Porosity represents more serious damage to the hair. However, with the right kind of care, it can be repaired.

If your hair is shapeless, inelastic, and brittle, it could be because of porosity. Porosity means that the hair has more serious damage than that caused by dryness. 

According to doctor and trichologist specialist based in Brazil Luciano Barsanti, hair has three layers: the outermost part is the cuticle; the middle part is the cortex, and the inner part, the medulla. Porosity affects the cortex. 

More serious damage 

The same factors that lead to dryness also cause porosity. The difference is that porosity is more serious”, Barsanti explains. 

The first thing to do is to avoid certain types of aggression. One of these is the sun. So, when out in the sun, you should use physical protection, such as a hat, and a leave-in product that blocks UVA and UVB rays. 

You can continue to use chemical procedures, but it is necessary to pay attention to the intervals between them. 

Chemical procedures with incompatible formulations, such as dyeing and straightening, should not be done simultaneously. “There should be an interval of from three to four weeks between them”, Barsanti explains.  

According to the physician and trichologist, people who only dye their hair should observe an interval of at least 30 days between procedures, even if it is only a question of touching up the roots. For straightening procedures, there should be an even longer interval: four months. 

Taking care of your hair 

The use of a dryer can also jeopardize porous hair, requiring certain rules to be followed. The temperature of the dryer should be medium and it should be held at a distance of 30 centimeters from the hair. A thermal protection product should always be applied before starting to dry your hair.  

The treatment begins internally: with a balanced diet and ingestion of an adequate amount of water. The second step is to use quality products to wash and treat the hair in order to hydrate it. 

Barsanti recommends that the conditioner be used every time the hair is washed. It should be applied only along the length of the strands and should be left to act for around three minutes before rinsing. According to the physician and trichologist, hair masks are also important allies in combating porosity. “Because they have more powerful active ingredients, the hydration is more intense”, he states. 

Suggested products 

Natura Lumina has a treatment system indicated for chemically damaged hair, which tends to be porous. With their Pro-Teia Biotechnology and Lipo-replenishment active ingredient, these products are ideal for treating extreme damage. Check out the following products. 


The product rebalances the fiber, making the hair stronger and more resistant. 


It regenerates the hair immediately and has an anti-breakage effect. 


This promotes regeneration from the cortex to the cuticle. The product also prolongs the effect of dyeing and straightening. 


This progressively regenerates the weakened areas and shields the hair, providing thermal and UV protection.  

*The specialist consulted for this article just provided information and did not use the space to promote any product or brand. 

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