For more beauty and less waste

Natura is for More Beauty and Less Waste

Learn how your beauty routine can help the environment!

Did you know that 300 billion tons of virgin plastic are produced in the world every year? And that, since 1950, only around 10% of all the plastic in the world has been recycled? An absurd quantity of this material ends up as waste that very often is not processed correctly. The result? The disposal of waste in unsuitable locations, such as our oceans, increases.

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are discharged into the oceans. According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) data, 83% of the water that comes out of our taps contains particles of this material and, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

In view of this and other alarming data on the impacts provoked by waste on marine life, the American Jeannie Jarnot created the Blue Beauty movement, which we can all participate in! At Natura, we have our “More Beauty, Less Waste” cause, which not only promotes waste reduction but also drives consumer awareness of the need to change this situation. Join us by adopting a beauty mindset that protects our oceans and the planet Earth in general:

Choose products with refills

The next time you buy some cream or shampoo, why not ask yourself: “Do I really need a plastic pack that I will use only once?” Here at Natura, we care for our planet in all the beauty product production phases, from the choice and use of sustainable raw materials to ecological packaging. Since 1983, we have taken important steps, such as using refills, which encourages the reuse of packaging. We were the first cosmetics company in Brazil to offer product refills, and we currently have more than 110 items in our portfolio with this option. This means greater savings for you and less waste for the planet.

Our much loved Ekos Bath & Body product line is not only 100% vegan and made from bio-ingredients from the Amazon forest, but also uses 100% recycled PET in its packaging. The reuse of raw materials totals some 249 tonnes a year, which means not throwing the equivalent of 5 million PET bottles in the trash.

In 2020, we launched our reverse logistics program in partnership with The Body Shop with the intent of strengthening such necessary changes and increasingly influencing more and more people and companies to change the world. This initiative rewards consumers who return five empty packs to one of our physical stores and provides a new use for the material disposed of because we feel responsible for the entire life cycle of the products we commercialize.

Choose products that have a cause

Do you know how many products in your bathroom or toilet bag are made from recycled material? We embrace this cause with the Kaiak Oceano for Him and Kaiak Oceano for Her fragrances, as part of the packaging is made from plastic waste retrieved from the Brazilian coastline. More than just fragrances, they represent a cause and an invitation that drives awareness about the waste we generate and its environmental impacts.

When we launched Kaiak Oceano, we had an initial target of using 7 tons of recycled plastic in the line in one year. But so far, we have reached over 10.2 tons and we intend to boost this number further.

In addition to the plastic, part of the glass used in the Kaiak Oceano's packs is also recycled. And the box, which was previously wrapped in disposable plastic film, is now sealed with glue.

The ultra-fresh Kaiak Oceano fragrance is a true tribute to the ocean, both in the composition of the product packaging and in the sensation you get from using it! The women’s version is an invitation to dive into the immensity of coral gardens and the fresh notes of algae and Pataqueira. The men’s version offers the density of marine amber and dark woods, combined with fresh notes of algae.

Following this line of encouraging more sustainable production and consumption, we seek to use recycled materials or renewable ones, such as the sugarcane-based green plastic found in our Mamãe e Bebê line packs.

Can you see how your beauty routine is closely related to the impact of waste on the planet? Try and find out whether the companies whose products you consume are renewing their initiatives to boost the importance of conscious consumption. Choose brands and products driven by purpose. Then you will be caring for yourself and for the planet!

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