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Kaiak Oceano for women brings fresh florals with the comfort of amber and  fruity nuances giving this fragrance a lot of femininity and beauty. This fragrance brings the sensation of movement which is reinforced through its refreshing and energetic fragrance.

  • Made with essential oil from the Brazilian biodiversity​.
  • Made with up to 30% of recycled glass​.
  • 100% organic alcohol.
  • Refreshing scent.

Kaiak Oceano is about the fascination that the vast blue of the oceans awakens in us. Its fragrance evokes the power and mystery of the deep sea. A striking aqueous complex gains even more personality when coexisting with the fresh notes of seaweed that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean and the Pataqueira, an ingredient of the Amazon Biodiversity. It then intensifies as we dive deeper: the density of marine amber and woods translate to the undersea universe of darker and more mysterious tones.

It's fragrance, but it could be diving.

But not only that. Kaiak Oceano is also about care and respect.

Kaiak Oceano is an invitation to take a more conscious look at the waste we generate and the impact it has on our waters.

Our Initiatives:

  • We adopt 50% recycled plastic in the largest plastic part that makes up the product's packaging. With this initiative, we will use around 6 tonnes of recycled plastic this equates to 3 million water bottle caps. If placed side by side, these caps form a distance capable of crossing Brazil from North to South.
  • Thus, in addition to not releasing 6 tons of virgin plastic into the environment, we encourage the recycling chain for this material, helping to prevent this material from reaching one of its most common destinations: the ocean.
  • In addition, we have eliminated the plastic film that surrounds the cartridges of our product, using a more resistant cardboard in the boxes and sealing them with glue. Plastic film, like any other single-use plastic is a material that we use for a few minutes, but it takes thousands of years to decompose. Because they are extremely light, even if discarded in the garbage, there is a risk that the wind will carry them away from these places, falling into drainage networks, rivers and ending up in the oceans.


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For best results, spray fragrance on wrists, neck and behind ears.

Kaiak Oceano Eau de Toilette for Women

Atlantic Seaweed: a dip in the depths of the ocean translated into a super refreshing scent.

  • Native to the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Fucus Vesiculous is a seaweed that clings to rocks, reaching up to one meter in length. Its harvest is carried out by a team trained and identified by the Ecocert Institute.
  • After being harvested (fresh), the algae go through a drying process – and then, they are crushed into powder.
  • After that, the fragrance houses use a solvent that, mixed with this powder, becomes the "algae absolute", used in the fragrance of Kaiak Oceano.

Other main ingredients: Pataqueira, Aqueous Fruit, Marine Amber, Cashmeran, Sandalwood and Musk

Fragrance Profile

  • Top Notes: Aqueous Fruit, Pataqueira, Seaweed, Red Apple, Water Pear, and Peach
  • Middle Notes: Aqueous Floral Ylang, and Jasmine Sambac
  • Base Notes:  Cashmeran, Amber, Cedar, Sandal, and Musk

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Formulated Without: parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, triclosan, DEA and animal ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your fragrance packaging made out of glass or plastic?

Part of the packaging uses plastic taken from the Brazilian coast, thus, we help prevent this material from reaching one of its most common destinations: the ocean.

80% of the garbage in the oceans is plastic. Kaiak Oceano ecological packaging is an initiative to prevent this material from reaching our waters. Its packaging uses up to 30% recycled glass, 50% recycled plastic (8% retrieved from the coastline), and we've eliminated single-use plastic from the outer box now using glue.

In partnership with the NGO Ecosurf, Kaiak Oceano cleaned an area of ​​3.8 km of coastline, resulting in the retrieval of more than 1 ton of garbage, preventing it from ending up in the ocean.


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