Moisture Ampoule: What it can do for your hair

Moisture Ampoule: What it can do for your hair

This product is a key ally in treating dry hair. Learn more about it.

The moisture ampoule is a product you will never give up after you have tried it. It has a fast and powerful action. You can treat your hair while showering and look like you just left the salon.

Who can benefit from the ampoules? If the texture of your hair is rough, dull, with little bounce, a lot of frizz and out of control volume, this cosmetic can help you a lot!

The Instant Repair Ampoule is part of the Natura Lumina Dry Hair treatment system. The product acts in up to one minute, repairing with deep nutrition and volume control, sealing the strands and reducing frizz. The result is healthy repaired hair strands with fewer split ends. The best thing is that the effects can be seen from the first application.

How does the ampoule work

How can the ampoule deliver so much? There are two reasons for the power of this cosmetic. The first is Pro-Teia Biotechnology. It acts on all levels of the strands: from the deepest (in the interior of the stands) to the surface, regenerating from the inside out.

The technology was discovered by observing webs in nature. Thinner than a strand of hair, the web strand consists only of protein and is five times stronger than steel and more malleable than nylon. From this comparison, we concluded that webs and hair have the same design, which demonstrates the unique affinity they have. Therefore, in the laboratory we developed a protein capable of promoting a recharge aimed especially at each damaged region throughout all the layers of the strands. 

Pro-Teia Biotechnology and the Nutri-revitalization Active Ingredient – the second reason for the success of the Instant Repair Ampoule – promote the reconstitution of the capillary cortex, repairing and strengthening the fiber. 

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