Exotic Body Care Line: Ekos Maracujá

Exotic Body Care Line: Ekos Maracujá

Ekos Maracujá body care line is for all skin types and can be your best ally to soften skin with rich and essential Omega 6 fatty acids.

Passion fruit aka Maracujá: an anti-stress biodiversity ingredient with a fruity scent allied to have self-care moments of deep nutrition.

Having a body care routine is essential for your body health. Choosing the right products for an established ritual is the best way to achieve it!

Our Ekos Maracujá line is for all skin types and can be your best ally to soften your skin with rich and essential Omega 6 fatty acids.

In addition to all the technology behind its formulaEkos Maracujá line is 100% vegan: it has no animal ingredients nor is it tested on animals.

What can Ekos Maracujá 100% vegan formulas do for you? 

Omega fatty acids are truly remarkable ingredients for skin. They serve as the essential building blocks of skin’s surface layers, creating a smoother, more even, younger-looking, and healthier appearance, no matter your age or skin type.  

Here are some of the benefits omega fatty acids can do for your skin: 

  • Reinforce and smooth skin’s surface
  • Increase hydration without feeling heavy, and help keep skin hydrated
  • Calm signs of external stressors, including sensitivity
  • Eliminate signs of flaky, dehydrated-looking skin
  • Visibly strengthen skin against signs of environmental damage

Tips for a body care routine: After a busy day, a moment of relaxation is everything you hope for, right? We can help you build your pampering body care routine.

Bath time: care + relax moment

Bath time is your best moment to relax and also take care of your skin.

You can choose a regular shower moment using our 100% vegan Ekos Maracujá Creamy Exfoliating Soap or choose to renew your skin with our a exfoliating shower gel, that will promote a gentle exfoliation and prepare your skin for deep hydration.

The Triple Phase Oil has an ultra-light texture that enhances skin´s natural glow and leaves your skin feeling soft. Apply our triple phase shower oil on your body and rinse it before leaving shower.

Before bedtime

You may apply the body lotion, immediately after leaving shower to continue your ritual and sooth your skin or keep it for the moment just before bed time. 

Ekos Maracujá Body Lotion forms a protective film and leaves the skin delicately scented thanks to its light and delicate fruity fragrance, that may help you sleep even better, thanks to its anti-stress effect.

Morning self-care moments

Get ready for the day ahead with one nutritious moment before getting dressed with Ekos Maracujá Body Lotion and/or some Ekos Maracujá Hand Cream.

Nutrition in the middle of the day

In the middle of the day your beauty routine can still keep going: after washing your hands several times, it's time to have those minutes of relaxation and replenish their hydration. The Maracujá Hand Cream will rebalance your hands hydration and protect them for the next few hours with a delicate smell. The hand cream special travel size (40g) is a perfect fit, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

More beauty, less trash

The Ekos Maracujá line packaging is made with 100% recycled plastic, so you can take care of yourself and care for the planet at we all leave in at the same time.

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