Castanha: Discover the nourishing power of the oil extracted from this rich fruit

Castanha: Discover the nourishing power of the oil extracted from this rich fruit

Extracted from the tree known as the Queen of the Forest, this ingredient nourishes even the deepest layers of skin.

The Castanha tree, known as the “Queen of the Forest” is one of the oldest trees in the Amazon forest. It provides one of the main sources of protein for the Amazonian communities.  We are talking about one of the oldest trees in the Amazon, which can live for over 500 years. Their fruit is like a capsule that holds a true treasure: dozens of castanha nuts that provide protein for consumption and a powerful, nourishing oil for the skin.

Although the extraction process is manual, the oil is rich in benefits such as omega 6 and omega 9. 

How Castanha oil acts

When applied to the skin, nourishing castanha oil penetrates quickly, stimulating the production of structuring proteins down to the deepest layers. As a result, it unifies the skin's texture, improves elasticity and provides firmness. 

Inspired by the forest people, Ekos created a complete bath & body care line with castanha oil. With a creamy and velvety texture and a pleasant fragrance, Ekos Castanha products reveal the richness of Amazonian biodiversity while helping to preserve the tradition of harvesting, generating even greater value for this species of tree.

Explore each one of the Ekos Castanha products: 

  1. Daily Care

Nourishing Hand Cream: a skin-loving cream with nourishing castanha oil to treat and soften hands. Try our worldwide favorite, 1 hand cream sold every 6 seconds.  

Nourishing Foot Cream: with a velvety texture and fast absorption, it provides immediate and prolonged nourishment for your feet.

      2. Deep Cleansing

Exfoliating Bar Soap: gently exfoliates the skin, maintaining natural hydration and stimulating the production of structuring proteins.

      3. Long Lasting Care

Body Lotion with Castanha oil: creamy and velvety texture that deeply nourishes your skin, guaranteeing hydration for 24 hours. 

Nourishing Shower Body Milk: concentrated, it improves skin elasticity and firmness. Deep nourishment, to be used during or after your shower.

      4. Finishing Touch 

Castanha Frescor de Toilette: the sweet almond notes of Castanha combined with the fresh citric touch convey a delicious sensation of warmth and freshness.

Discover the nourishing Ekos Castanha collection.

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