Afro Hair: 8 Tips to Take Better Care of It

Afro Hair: 8 Tips to Take Better Care of It

See how to wash, hydrate and finish it to make the most of that incredible volume.

Afro hair embodies a history of resistance and empowerment. More than just a style, it became a symbol of the struggle against racial prejudice. Here are 8 tips on the best way to care of it.

Shape your hair

Investing in the right cut is the first step to displaying all the beauty of afro hair. Due to the fact that the locks shrink when wet, the hairdresser specialized in natural hair and ringlets Fabiana Lourenço recommends dry cutting.

This gives you a better idea of what the result will be. If the hair is cut wet, the strands stretch and the hairdresser can lose the notion of their size”, the specialist explains.

The cuts should be rounded and the hair should be trimmed lock by lock, layering the tips. This increases volume and ensures the hair remains light. To find the perfect style, you need to find a hairdresser you can trust.

1.1. Get washing right 

The process of caring for afro hair starts with washing. According to the specialist, frizzy hair with more volumtends to be drier, because the curves prevent the hair’s natural oiliness from reaching the ends of the strands. So the hair should be washed on average twice a week. This is enough not to damage it and not remove its natural oiliness.

1.2. Alternate with co-washing

As we have seen, afro hair tends to be drier. And the excessive use of shampoo can remove the natural oil the hair needs. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can alternate washing with the technique known as co-wash, which is simply washing without shampoo.

This product should not be a regular conditioner. The difference is in the formula, which tends not to form suds because it doesn’t have sulphate. Once you put it on, you just massage it in and then rinse copiously. The ideal amount is double that of normal shampoo.

1.3. Stay away from hot water 

When washing hair, water should never be more than lukewarm. Ideally you should wash it with lukewarm to cold water, this will prevent it from drying out and losing its sheen. Hot water also boosts the production of oil and could lead to dandruff.

1.4. Hydrate your locks 

The specialist recommends that hair should be treated twice a week with a mask or treatment cream. You should include hydration after washing in your care routine. You just apply a mask along the length of the hair, avoiding the roots, leave it in for three minutes and then rinse.

1.5. Humectationwith oil

In addition to hydration with a mask or treatment cream, there is humectation with oil. The procedure helps to deeply nourish frizzy hair. The best time to do this is before washing to protect the hair from the action of the shampoo.

The oil should be applied while your hair is dry, lock by lock, from the roots to the ends. Then massage the scalp thoroughly and let the product act for three to five minutes. After this, wash you hair normally.

1.6. Use a finisher

Finishers are essential for modeling your hair and keeping it hydrated for longer. You could try Natura Lumina Coiled Hair - Detangling and Defining Leave-in. It untangles and strengthens the strands.

1.7. Go for volume with a fork comb

Do you want that incredible volume people will admire? The fork combis perfect for this, an essential component in the afro hair care routine.  Check out how to use it here.

1. Wait for your hair to dry and position the comb horizontally close to the root;

2.  Ease the comb upwards to raise the roots and perform repetitive movements from left to right and right to left to release the volume;

3.  Repeat this movement over the whole area where you want volume;

4.  Remove the comb from the standskeeping it in a horizontal position to get the desired effect.

*The specialist consulted for this article was merely a source of information and did not use the space to promote any product or brand.

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