The Melting Pot of Brazilian Music

The Melting Pot of Brazilian Music

Brazilian music is diverse and fun. Find out more about how to keep track of upcoming talents and discover hidden treasures.

Music may be Brazil’s most loved export. At a hipster café, Madison Avenue luxury stores, even in airports... one version or another of Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes’ “Girl from Ipanema” is more than likely to be on the playlist. Frank Sinatra’s love for Jobim helped make Bossa Nova the most recognizable Brazilian music, but it is only the tip of an endlessly varied and infinitely rewarding iceberg.

The deeper you dig, the more you find: Samba, Forró, Pagode, MPB, Choro, Frevo, Maracatu, Tropicália, Brega as well as Brazilian versions of existing styles such as Rock, Soul, Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop... the list goes on forever. And each style represents a unique combination of African, European and Indigenous sources. Bossa Nova itself is a mix of American Jazz and classic Samba rhythms. Even Polka was eventually transformed into Maxixe as it reached the Tropics!

Natura Musical Festival

It can be hard to keep track of the enormous breadth of Brazilian music — and new styles are continually emerging. Follow NaturaBrasil's playlists on Spotify and take a journey through the sounds of Brazil – both the classic cuts and new releases fresh even to local audiences. You may end up being introduced to legends like João Gilberto and Jorge Ben Jor, and will probably fall in love with the contemporary urban beats of Céu and the retro-swing of Dona Onete.

Natura has been proudly supporting Brazilian music since 2005 through our Natura Musical program. Music is another expression of our core philosophy: it makes us feel good. Natura Musical seeks to promote a “dialogue” between rhythms, sponsoring more than 1300 cultural initiatives in Brazil – including 1200 concerts, the launching of 26 DVDs, 132 CDs, the production of 5 films and more than 20 printed publications!

Our centerpiece is the amazing Festival Natura Musical, which brings together emerging talents, established icons, and regional musical traditions for an unbelievable celebration of Brazilian sounds. Click here to start following NaturaBrasil on Spotify and stay tuned in the blog for everything you wanted to know about Brazilian culture!


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