World Environmental Day

World Environmental Day

In honor of World Environment Day, we invite you to learn about the actions we have been taking in the last 20 years to keep the Amazon forest standing.

Did you know that Natura Ekos line contributes to preserving an area equivalent to 12x the size of São Paulo, and impacts the lives of approximately 20,500 people in the Amazon forest?

We work as a network that favors family farming and the rational use of renewable resources. A production with a positive environmental and social impact that generates benefits for people and the forest. 

Learn more about the guiding principles that help Natura Ekos keep the forest standing for the past 20 years: 

Traditional Knowledge

Natura Ekos develops personal care products that preserve the standing forest, valuing the traditional knowledge of local people and the genetic heritage of bioactive ingredients. For this, we share with the communities the profits derived from the ingredients harvested by them. Since 2004, Natura has already signed 104 benefit-sharing contracts, generating over R$86 million (around US$18 million) for local people who participate in our value chain and contribute to maintaining the Amazon's biodiversity.

Valuing the Amazon is valuing its traditional peoples, understanding the essential role they have in maintaining this ecosystem. Their experience of the forest points us to the choice of fruits, roots and other richness of this unique environment, which is why we have established fair deals with the guardians of the forest and we work to ensure that traditional knowledge reverberates, echoing the voices, the senses and the perfumes of nature.

Fair and equitable compensation guarantees the economic, social, and environmental preservation of the region, proving that the Amazon is worth more standing and guaranteeing its existence for future generations.


Bio-agriculture has always been part of Natura Ekos' productive chain. We started with the research about Priprioca and Breu and expanded the learnings to all of our lines. Since then, we have never stopped studying plants, we have developed sustainable processes that respect the time of the forest, guaranteeing the management of bioactive ingredients that combine efficiency, environmental care and the well-being of the peoples of the Amazon.

We develop bio-agriculture techniques with the communities that we partner with, also seeking to strengthen and disseminate this knowledge among all the people who provide ingredients for us, ensuring that our entire production process keeps the forest standing in the areas in which we operate.

Natura maintains a team dedicated to carrying out this work to ensure that we bring the richness of the forest and the Amazonian culture through our bioactive used in Natura Ekos.


Bioactive are natural ingredients that enhance our body's biological functions. We obtain our bioactive ingredients through sustainable methodologies, clean extraction processes, and circular economy, valuing local renewable resources, and conserving the functional properties of these ingredients.

The entire journey, from harvesting the bioactive to the product at your home, is sustainable. We work in a multidisciplinary group of Natura researchers connected in a large network of forest communities, universities, NGOs, companies, start-ups, and government agencies, investigating what is of cosmetic power in the Amazon's biodiversity.

We thoroughly study the bioactive substances that go into your product. We use advanced technologies in our labs to study the chemistry of plants, which allows us to identify their molecular characteristics and their potential to care for our skin. Once tested, we seek in our network of cooperatives and suppliers the partnership for the traceable supply of these ingredients, from production in the field to the delivery of your product.

Through extensive research, fieldwork, and lab tests, Natura is able to embed the benefits of bioactive ingredients in innovative, high-quality cosmetics tested on 3D skin to ensure safety without the need for testing on animals. 


Green innovation has been part of the essence of Natura Ekos since we were born. Our formulas are sustainable, natural, vegan, and safe, made from oils and butter obtained from vegetable and renewable ingredients from Amazonian biodiversity.

The identification of new bioactive products with cosmetic potential is quite complex and can take up to 5 years. For this reason, in 2011 we launched the Amazon Program, which formalized the use of science, technology, and innovation to optimize and enable the presence of new bioactive ingredients in our products. In addition, in 2012 we inaugurated the Amazon Innovation and Technology Center, with the purpose of bringing Natura closer to the academic environment and the institutions that are part of the region's innovation ecosystem. By joining efforts to carry out more comprehensive research, we were able to expand our creative and innovative potential.

Natura Ekos focuses on the conservation of the forest through the efficient use of natural resources, bio-agriculture, waste reuse, and low carbon emissions, and is also concerned with the people who live in the region. Our production chain included social and responsible technologies that promote economic inclusion, safe and decent work, integrity, and transparency.

Adopting the sustainable use of Brazilian biodiversity as a technological platform helped Natura Ekos to establish a pioneering institutional identity in the market. The results of this work are beneficial not only for Natura Ekos, but also for the scientific community and the society in general.

Thriving Network of Affection

Natura Ekos' purpose is to keep the forest standing, to keep its biodiversity alive, to form real affective bonds with the people involved in our chain. In this way, the supplier communities earn with the income from the extraction of bioactive ingredients and the discovery of new possibilities for entrepreneurship. Those who process raw material win with the preparation of new products. And consumers win by having at their disposal innovative beauty products that take care of the body while taking care of nature.

Our network of people begins with access to traditional knowledge and sustainable harvesting of bioactive ingredients. There are 33 communities and 5,136 families involved in this work, which represents approximately 20,500 thousand people, most of whom live in the Amazon region, and 28 bioactive ingredients used on the products we offer. This large and diverse network is organized into cooperatives and associations that supply raw materials. 

When you choose Natura Ekos, you value this entire network and together keep the cultures of the Amazon region alive and the forest standing.

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