This Holiday Season Natura’s Fragrances are the perfect gift

This Holiday Season Natura’s Fragrances are the perfect gift

Discover Natura’s unique fragrances and create beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Certain scents can awaken fond memories while others can improve our mood and enhance special enchanting moments. This Holiday Season Natura’s Fragrances are the perfect gift to bring back or to inspire new beautiful memories with your family and friends.

Scent builds into a powerful story that can affect our emotions, so, to our memory, there’s no sense more powerful than smell. Seeing a photo or reading a message may even help us to remember a fact, but it's the smell that brings out our deepest memories. As if by magic, a special scent has the power to make us travel through time, and relive special moments and emotions. Then, suddenly, it's as if we could smell the colors that decorated our childhood home on a Christmas morning.

Create meaningful moments filled with care at the end of this year, and let our Natura Fragrances inspire your new memories! We find inspiration in the generosity of nature, in people, in culture and in Brazilian arts to create fragrances that express our true essence.

Fruity reminders

Surprise a special friend or maybe your girlfriend with our Ekos fragrances for women. You can choose a tropical fresh fragrance Açaí Frescor Eau de Toilette, which the energy of the forest and the freshness of the palm trees represented by Açaí notes, combined with fresh green and a floral touch. And, a light fragrance Castanha Frescor Eau de Toiletteits sweet almond notes of Castanha combines with the fresh touch of citric scents, conveying a delicious sensation of warmth and freshness.

Alluring memories

Recognize the strength and kindness of the woman who you love, by gifting her with floral and fruity notes of Ília Eau de ParfumFeel the intensity of white flowers, surrounded by a sweet complex of vanilla and musk, in perfect harmony with the delicacy of slightly fruity notes.

The power of the fragrance, its sophistication and the product’s exclusivity make Natura Ekos Alma an excellent gift option.

Stronger feelings

Express all your affection for the most important men in your life, a boyfriend or husband, your father or that special friend, by choosing Natura Homem Sagaz Eau de Parfumwhich has intense woody combination of licorice notes with warm woods.

It’s time to celebrate life, stay closer even at a distance, and dream together. This Christmas be present in the lives of the ones you love, in the form of a beauty gift. Discover Natura Fragrances bestsellers! #NaturaHolidays #DreamWithNatura

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