There is a new world in your hands

There is a new world in your hands

There is a new world in your hands and the way in which we care has grown bigger!

The world has found itself in a challenging new situation for the past couple of years. And bringing a new life into this new era it's demanding for any parent, new or experienced or not, especially when we need to be so distant from our loved ones.

Natura's Mamãe e Bebê line has helped reinforce the bond between moms, dads, and their newborn babiesWith products that are 100% vegan, with being 96% of natural ingredients for daily use products and 87% for perfumery products, these are perfect and safe to use from day one, given due to mother's sensitivity to strong smells and the baby’s sensitive skin, it's just perfect and safe to use from day one.

We know that the distancing has caused not only routine difficulties at work and in our daily activities, but it also has allowed us to dig deeper into new approaches to raising a child in this modern era, which demands much more of all parents than what they thought it would.

This is why we are always concerned about providing different products for different stages of the parent's needs, such as: 

  • The best thing that parents can provide for their new baby is essentially caring for their well-being from day one. With Natura's Mamãe e Bebê line, we allow moms and dads to safely nurture and care for the baby safely with 100% vegan products that are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin and are approved by, pediatricians approved, and just perfect products for your baby sensitive skin.
  • Relaxing Mamãe e Bebê is recommended for the baby's first months of life since resting has vital importance due to the baby's organism’s need to metabolize nutrients, storing all that they have learned, and to produce the hormones that the body needs. So, a safe and comfortable environment, with a fixed routine and the relaxing touch of mom and dad, are essentials for a good night’s sleep.
  • Shantala is Natura's Mamãe e Bebê Massage Oil, recommended for a moment of pure care and bonding between baby, mom and dad. Its formula is 100% vegan and safe, containing only the essentials for massaging the baby's sensitive skin. It is smooth to the touch and hydrates the skin.
  • Mothers are fundamental figures during the baby's development. So it's very important for them to take care of themselves, and to let their love it flourish love during the pregnancyNatura's Mom Care is a range of products that provides consisting of a daily routine of self-massage, well-being, self-esteem, and relaxation routine, helping to prevent stretch marks. The line is specially developed for the mom's sensitive sense of smell.

Natura understands that there will be even greater challenges and also rewards after all these troubling times, but we also want to be closer with every mom and dad in the best way possible we know how: providing safer, more natural, and healthier ways of strengthening family bonds.

Discover the full Mamãe e Bebê collection.

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