The Power Of Castanha Oil

The Power Of Castanha Oil

Meet your skin’s new best friend.

Rich in omega-6 and omega-9, Castanha oil nourishes and hydrates skin by stimulating the production of protein.

Our  Castanha products offer a complete body care routine. Start your day with our Castanha Hand & Foot Duo. This duo will soften skin as well as treat dry skin, working hands, cracked heels, and eczema

Then, for deep skin renewal, we recommend our organic Castanha Body Scrub which will exfoliate dead skin cells away. This natural exfoliator is perfect for dry or sensitive skin and will leave you with a brighter, smoother look.

Follow that exfoliation with prolonged hydration. Our Castanha Nourishing Shower Body Milk is an organic body lotion to be used as an in-shower moisturizer. Made with Castanha oil, Almond oil, and Cupuaçú butter, it will leave skin feeling soft and replenished. Another great option for hydration is our Castanha Body Butter. This organic, all-natural body butter is perfect for dry skin as it promotes immediate and prolonged hydration.

In addition to promoting deep nourishment and hydration within your skin, the Ekos Castanha line is good for our planet! This collection was the first one to achieve a very important and world-renowned certification – the Union for BioCommerce Ethics (UEBT) seal.

This seal attests that all plant ingredients that are included in our products have gone through a system that assesses our sustainability processes. The systems also ensure the maintenance of biodiversity as well as  fair working conditions.

Not to mention, the Castanha line is made of 100% ingredients, which means they are not tested on animals nor have any ingredients of animal origin. All Natura products are eco-friendly, clean, and free from animal cruelty.

Our Castanha collection (as well as everything we create!) is safe for you, safe for others, and safe for the planet because we really care.


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