The best gift ideas for everyone on your list

The best gift ideas for everyone on your list

Holidays Natura: be inspired by our special selection to guarantee a gift filled with care for your loved ones.

In a year when time has had so many different meanings, Holidays are finally here and everyone deserves a little something for making it through 2020. This Holiday Season may even be different the past years, but that’s an even better reason to celebrate those you love with a special Natura gift inspired by a shared dream: Together, we can build a more beautiful world.

From pampering treats to little luxuries, Holidays Natura offers a selection of gifts full of affection to remind the most important people in your life that you’re thinking of them. This year, choose Natura gifts to express your love and gratitude, whether for your parents, best friends, your co-workersdear neighbours, a beloved frontline worker, or even yourself. Discover our best gift ideas for everyone on your list, no matter your budget!

Gift sets: to pamper 

Find out pampering gifts that carries a hug for a special friend, or even to giving for Secret Santa! 

1. Castanha Collection Set: creamy body wash & hand cream at only RM79, instead of RM108. With nourishing Castanha oil, this liquid soap gently cleanses the skin, while our worldwide favourite hand cream treats and softens hands.

2. Ucuuba Collection Set: hand cream & bar soap from RM108 for just RM79, with almost 30% off. Try restorative hand cream with dry-touch ucuuba butter, and our 100% vegan bar soap, made in the heart of the Amazon.

3. Mamãe e Bebê Deluxe Set: liquid soap, moisturizer, massage oil & baby cologne. Save up to 30% on essentials baby care, that strengthens the love bond between moms and babies, which can be used from baby’s first day of life.

Essential gift sets 

Discover our essential gifts, that express care for the ones you love and for the planet.

1. Hand Cream Trio: MaracujáAçaí & Castanha hand cream 40g for just $26Enjoy this exclusive edition to treat and soften hands, its a great way to try three of our favorite bioactive ingredients from the Amazon.

2. Açaí Discovery Set: With revitalizing Açaí oil, our energizing triple phase shower oil and a gently exfoliating bar soap enhance the beauty of the skin leaving it illuminated.

3. Maracujá Collection Set: Body lotion, triple phase shower oil and hand cream for just $48. Experience the benefits of Maracujá oil, soothing the skin with anti-stress effect of passion fruit. 

Gift sets: to inspire 

These gift ideas are more than beauty products, they're made with the purpose of a sustainable world​ toinspire those you love to make better choices.

1. Nourishing Skincare Duo Set: nourishing night face cream and the skin brightening exfoliate=or at only $40.

2. Hydrating Skincare Duo Set: aqua auto-replenish gel hydrator & skin brightening exfoliator for just $52, (regular $73)With Fevillea extract, hyaluronic acid, and prebiotics, this intelligent moisturizing technology promotes an instant hydration recharge and stimulates your skin to self-hydrate intelligently. Refreshing and light formula., our perfect duo leaves skin revitalized and radiant everyday.

3. Patauá Collection Set: shampoo, conditioner & hair mask at only $84, instead $111. Enjoy our three favorites for an intense scalp care, hair strengthening treatment, for thicker and stronger hair strands, with Patauá oil. 

Create meaningful moments filled with care at the end of this year. Spread your love by choosing Natura beauty products, that embody this message of care. This little Holiday Gift Guide should have something special for everyone on your list, when family and friends are more important than ever. Discover even more Natura gifts that wrap moments of care, and add an extra touch of magic to the most wonderful time of the year. #NaturaHolidays #DreamWithNatura 

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