The Beauty of Eco-logical Packaging

The Beauty of Eco-logical Packaging

What can a beauty company do to minimize production waste in the planet? Discover our initiatives and join us.

Every year 1.3 billion tons of wastes are produced worldwide. 

Every minute, almost 1 million plastic bottles are sold on five continents - most of them are used only once. 

90% of seabirds have eaten plastic at least once in their lives. 

In the Amazon, mountains of garbage appear in the middle of the forest. 

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. 

Have you ever stopped to think where does the packaging you are using come from? And the garbage you discard? 

Here, at Natura, we have been taking a series of measures to minimize the environmental impact. And one of our decisions is about producing less waste. Since 1983, Natura created a business model that offers the maximum, using the minimum and always reducing excesses.

Our priority is to use recycled materials and renewable origin, as well as refills. We are constantly looking for alternatives to reduce environmental impact without compromising what our packaging should look and feel.

We invite you to discover our initiatives and be part of this compromised mentality:

Refill solution

We offer refills for our products. Our refills prevent the disposal of more than 2,400 tons of waste, which is equivalent to the waste generated daily by more than 4.4 million people. The positive impact is not only on the volume of garbageThis type of packaging avoids the emission of 5,200 tons of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to the carbon emissions generated in 903 trips around the Earth. 

We love recycled materials

The increasing use of materials such as 100% recycled PET and recycled glass are part of our efforts. The body products of the Ekos brand, for example, are made 100% with this material. The bottles of our fragrances have already reached 30% recycled glass in their composition. 

Renewable sources are welcome!

Another action in favor of making our packaging more sustainable is the use of materials from renewable sources in their production. This is the case with green plastic, which is produced from sugar cane. All bottles of Mamãe e Bebê line are made 100% with green plastic.  

Creating with recyclability concept

Ensuring maximum recyclability is in the minds of our packaging developers. Therefore, when we create one, we try to make it possible to disassemble the largest number of components, care that facilitates the recycling process.  

Common plastic? No thanks

When starting to create packaging, our designers know that there are banned materials, such as PVC (common plastic). Oxy-biodegradable plastic is also discarded. As it does not meet national and international standards for biodegradation, we do not consider it a correct environmental technology. 

We need to rethink our choices, review our habits. Reuse the plastic or glass that would be discarded. Come with us and start your positive impact on the world. Together, we can take care of our planet.

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