Skin Cleansing: 5 Reasons Why This is an Essential Routine

Skin Cleansing: 5 Reasons Why This is an Essential Routine

Check out the main benefits that good skin habits provides!

Having skin that is always healthy is a must, and skin cleansing, if done correctly, is the first step to achieving this. After all, through skin cleansing, we eliminate excesses and pave the way to receiving any skincare products.

With support from Flávia Ravelli, a Brazilian dermatologist, we have listed five reasons for you to include this routine in your daily care once and for all.

Come and check it out!

1) The first step to efficient treatment

Face cleansing removes dead cells, microorganisms, pollution, makeup, the remains of other products, and oily residues that accumulate on our face. "All of this helps to clear pores and leave a more uniform skin, making the penetration of the bioactive we want easier," the specialist explained. Without these barriers, absorption increases, and results are more effective. Controls oiliness and balances hydration

When it comes to cleansing and skin preparation, soap and tonic are great allies. Whilst the soap removes dirt, the tonic acts on pores, restoring pH and leaving the skin balanced and ready to receive the treatment.

"The choice of products should be oriented by your skin type. Oily skin should receive astringents and fat regulator options. Whilst dry skin needs a bioactive that prevents dryness and guarantees hydration", said Flávia.

So, what is your skin type? Our Chronos brand product line has the right solution for you! 

  • For all skin types: our Gentle Cleansing Mousse is enriched with cupuaçu betaine, and vegetable glycerin to offer a creamy foam that cleanses smoothly to hydrate and refresh your skin.
  • Regular to dry skin: our Cleansing Cream combines cupuaçu betaine with glycoactives to cleanse smoothly and to hydrate. The routine is completed with Hydrating Tonerwhich contains vitamin E and Celldetox technology to eliminate toxins and reinforce hydration.
  • Mixed to oily skin: Pore Purifying Toner has a formula with salicylic acid and candela that clears pores and promotes a dermo-calming action. The same bioactive is in the formulation of our Deep Purifying Pore Cleanserwhich also contains zinc PCA. Together they rebalance the gut microbiota, minimize the appearance of pores and reduce oiliness by up to 33%.
  1. Stimulates cell renovation

Our skin is always producing new cells to replace dead ones, but the pace of this replacement can be affected by age or the action of free radicals. When this happens, our skin doesn't release the dead cells and becomes uneven, dull, and lifeless, with black spots and acne.

The solution? Good exfoliation!

"This deep cleansing helps accelerate and stimulate the cell renovation process, resulting in newer and softer skin," said Flávia.

This is precisely the action promoted by Chronos Skin Brightening Exfoliator. It is enriched with bamboo and glycolic acid. It offers a dual exfoliation mechanism: a physical one that removes dead cells accumulated on the surface, and a chemical one that penetrates the skin and stimulates cellular activity.

  1. Promotes firmness and prevents premature aging

There can never be too many warnings to remind us that the removal of residues and polluted substances helps to reduce the formation of free radicals and the damage they cause.

This helps to prevent the degradation of collagen, a fundamental protein for skin structure, firmness, and elasticity. Collagen prevents flaccidity and the appearance of fine lines and expression marks, clear signs of aging.

"Additionally, the cleansing routine releases dead cells, contracts pores, prevents acne and reduces the skin's pigmentation, enhancing its uniformity.", said Flávia.

  1. Bonus: makeup that lasts longer! 

Beautiful make-up is not a benefit directly connected to skin cleansing. However, as the dermatologist said, the results of good cleansing can reinforce the effects of good make-up.

"Skin that is hydrated and healthy and has no peeling or uneven areas will ensure that make-up lasts longer". Not to mention the natural appearance and the need to use fewer products to disguise what bothers you.

Just don't sleep with make-up on, okay?

Now, have a look at two great allies to help you remove make-up: our Micellar Water from Chronos, which removes light make-up and oiliness and will hydrate your skin for up to eight hours. In parallel, our Bi-phase Make-up Remover, also from Chronos, leaves the face free from impurities and has great make-up removal power: it removes up to 99% of waterproof make-up.

If you have any doubts about how many times you should wash your face, here is a tip from Flávia:

"You should cleanse your skin once in the morning and once at night. The first time will remove product residues that weren't absorbed while you slept and dirt from the bed. The second will remove make-up and all the pollution accumulated during the day."

The specialist indicates the use of soap and a specific toner for your skin type during the morning and at night. She suggests the combined use of soap and micellar water or make-up remover.

The exfoliator should be used for more in-depth cleansing up to twice a week.

"Remember that combined products work together, enhancing their efficiency." 

*The specialist consulted was used as a journalistic source and did not use this post to promote herself or any product or brand.

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