Sharing The Warmth Through Design

Sharing The Warmth Through Design

Designer Coca Albers used images of tropical vegetation and modernist architecture to make our holiday packages – an homage to the importance of warmth in Brazilian culture.

As winter descends here in the northern hemisphere, in Brazil the breezes of Summer are starting to blow! This year for the Holidays we created a campaign hashtag, #ShareTheWarmth – to bring a little tropical love to our northern winter.

To give the theme a visual identity and create this year’s holiday packaging, we hired designer Coca Albers. A Brazilian based in New York, she is a perfect representation of NaturaBrasil in the US. Coca began her career making illustrations and prints for fashion brands – including the iconic Brazilian flip flop brand, Havaianas. The theme of tropical plants was an easy one for her: “I was blown away by the possibility of creating something tailor-made for Natura. Botanic illustration is one of my obsessions and I am a big fan of the cosmetic brand”, she told us in an interview.

Initially, early sketches of the pattern included very realistic foliage “with orchids, bromelias and tropical leaves”, she recalls. “But as the job evolved, and as I loosened up a bit, the inspiration started touching the gardens of Brazilian landscape master, Roberto Burle Marx. He is one of my heroes”, Albers confesses. The pattern absorbed modernist architecture as a reference as well as more simplified forms and shapes of our sultry vegetation. In a final step, the plants were rendered in watercolor, “It reminds us of the fresh feeling of taking a shower, and the importance of water, and the bathing rituals, in the Brazilian culture”, she adds. Further reflecting the exuberance of summer in Brazil, the patterns explode beyond green, with vibrant reds and oranges, also adding a holiday-inspired vibe.

Coca has been in New York for three years now, also attending a Summer Residency at the School of Visual Arts, just long enough to appreciate the concept of the two seasons, New York’s winter and Brazil’s summer, together as one. “I really love the concept of sharing the warmth, and I believe Summer has this power. It is the season which puts us in touch with Nature, with joy and freedom. What else could I wish for the Holidays”, she finalizes.

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