Platinum Blond Hair: See How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Platinum Blond Hair: See How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

It is possible to have hydrated platinum blond hair; some tips to get your hair care routine right.

Platinum blond hair never goes out of fashion. Even if at times a new hair tone is displayed by some celebrity or other, you will always see either the almost white or grey-toned variety of platinum blond hair in the streets. But you know that to achieve this tone, your hair is going to suffer and you need to take care to keep it healthy.

So to make your dream of having platinum blond hair come true, you will need to have a specialized professional to make it happen. Hairdressers who study hair color, known as color stylists, are the ones most indicated to apply this technique in the least aggressive way for your hair.

A qualified professional will carry out a lock test to evaluate how healthy your hair is and how well it will stand up to the process. This test is necessary to not have any problems when decolorizing the hair," the trichologist Kevin Porto explains.

Maintaining platinum blond hair

After achieving the desired tone, you’ll have another challenge: keeping your hair healthy at home. Yes, it is possible to have hydrated platinum blond hair. To do this, Porto talks about the important of establishing a hair care schedule, as well as periodic visits to the salon for professional treatments that nourish the hair. 

When we dye hair platinum blond, we remove all the pigment from the strands, which is why we need to be concerned about the hair’s structure. We solve this problem by replenishing the protein, by means of reconstructions that can be done at home using specific masks every time the hair is washed”, he explains. 

According to the specialist, platinum blond hair requires three groups of products: for cleaning the scalp, for the strands and for maintaining the color.  “The first will cleanse and remove the oiliness; after this, a shampoo to clean the strands and then, a hydrating mask and conditioner. It is important to know how to wash your hair correctly, without any friction, which could rupture the already fragile strands.”

The third category comprises the purple pigment products that restore color. These should be used in accordance either with the manufacturer’s instructions and/or how unhappy you feel about yellowish tone that emerges naturally after washing . To highlight the tone , the Natura Lumina Blond or Gray Hair Treatment System is the right choice. In addition to toning the hair, it treats it and ensures sheen from the first application. 

After cleansing and moisturizing, ensuring the right finish is an essential step in keeping platinum blond hair healthy. When using a dryer, remember that a heat protectant is indispensable. 

*The specialist consulted for this article was merely a source of information and did not use the space to promote any product or brand.

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