Outdoor Afro, Nature and Conservation for All

Outdoor Afro, Nature and Conservation for All

Learn more about Outdoor Afro, the nations leading, cutting-edge network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature.

Creating Black connections and leadership to nature is Outdoor Afro’s mission. Founded by Rue Mapp who is the founder and CEO, Outdoor Afro has nearly 80 leaders in 42 cities with 48,000 people participating in this movement that connects people to outdoor experiences, changing the face of conservation. Deeply rooted with the message of bringing diversity and restoration into nature, Outdoor Afro has garnered the support of millions of people built on personal connections and community organizing. With national partnership and the recognition of major organizations, they have helped generate positive impact to local communities.

Outdoor Afro

Rue Mapp has been in forefront of addressing the need for engaging Black people in the outdoors for years. Her mission is fueled with the intention of harnessing the healing power of nature, by bringing people to different types of outdoor activities. “Being outdoors is about people getting out and finding that healing for themselves. There is a whole range of emotions, trauma, discord that is happening, and we still have to be present for our families, we still have to take care of ourselves. So, I really want people to turn into nature, and get the restoration and healing they need.” Due to her great work, Mapp was invited to the Obama White House in 2010 to participate in the America’s Great Outdoors Conference, and eventually became part of the launch campaign of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative. With the help of a leadership team, Rue Mapp and Outdoor Afro has been educating and helping people understand that “nature is a healer, and a teacher.”

Outdoor Afro team

From day hikes, back packing, to kayaking on Alabama’s Coosa River, Outdoor Afro leads a mission to help empower Black communities to learn more about the history of the land. Connecting nature and history is one of the many goals this organization strives to teach to their participants. Drawing on the importance of relating historical roots on the land in which they hike, is a mission that connects Black individuals to nature and to Black history. This is one of the many outings and outdoor recreational activities that inspire and celebrate nature and conservation for all.

Their work has helped create a bridge for Black people to participate in green spaces that they were once excluded from. With their advocacy and staunch support from organizations, their mission has only begun. Outdoor Afro continues to educate and enlighten a diverse community to the beauty and benefits of the outdoors.


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