Oily Hair: Understand What Causes It and How to Treat It

Oily Hair: Understand What Causes It and How to Treat It

Internal factors, such as hormonal variations, and external ones, such as hot showers, could be the origin of the problem.

Oiliness is a problem that affects not only the skin, but also the hair. The main characteristic of oily hair is the excess of sebum on the scalp, which spreads to the end of the strands. The result is excessive shininess and a dirty appearance. If this is your problem, this article is for you. See a list of questions and answers about the subject explained by Natura specialists.

1. What are the causes of oily hair?

Oiliness in the hair is caused by internal and external factors. The internal ones may involve issues such as hormonal variations, stress or genetic components. The external factors may include pollution, dirt, hot baths, excessive cleaning or long intervals between washing. For these reasons, people who have never had oily hair may develop the problem at a determined moment.

2. How to care for this type of hair?

It is fundamental to develop a care routine with specific products aimed at treating the symptom – the dirty and heavy appearance – and the origin of the oiliness.

The Natura Lumina Oily Hair Treatment System is an ongoing daily treatment that acts integrally on the hair strands by means of Pro-teia Biotechnology, which fills in the damaged regions from the inside out, to the precise extent necessary. Additionally, the Lumina line has an Anti-oiliness Active Ingredient, which regulates the scalp functions, acting effectively on the cause and the effect of the problem.

3. Can oily hair be washed every day?

Generally, people with this type of hair feel the need to do this. However, the combination of hot showers with excessive cleaning can stimulate the oiliness even more. To avoid this rebound effect, the main point is to avoid using hot water and to use products developed specifically for oily hair.

Balancing Shampoo has a balanced formula. This is why it can be used daily, if necessary.

4. What does rebound effect mean?

This is the uncontrolled increase in sebum production in the scalp, which is more intense than before the treatment. This generally happens through excessive removal of the oiliness with products that clean very intensely or when you wash your hair more often than is recommended.

By removing the oiliness from the scalp too quickly and too intensively, the life of the set of micro-organisms in the region is affected, reducing the protective barrier that keeps hair healthy and balanced. As a result, the scalp starts to intensify the production of sebum as a means of restoring the pace of its natural functioning.

The solution is to reduce the oiliness in a balanced way. To do this, it is important to choose products that provide continuous treatment because, when the scalp is balanced – with the barriers strengthened – the activation of the memory mechanism is blocked, preventing the rebound effect.

5. Is there any relationship between oily hair and dandruff?

Yes, there is a relationship between the two, but this is not always the case. It is known that most people with dandruff have an oily scalp, but not everyone with oily hair has dandruff. In this respect, when treating this problem, it is important to assess whether it is more worthwhile investing in a treatment product focused on oily hair or on reducing dandruff. If in doubt, consult a dermatologist.

6. How does the Natura Lumina Oily Hair Treatment System work?

The system controls the oiliness for longer, without drying out the hair, because its formula acts effectively on the symptom and the cause of the problem, treating both the strands and the scalp.

With Pro-teia Biotechnology, it fills in the pores of the strands to the precise extent necessary, without weighing the hair down. The Anti-oiliness Active Ingredient in the products acts on the cause and the symptom of the oiliness because it regulates the functions of the scalp, reducing the production of sebum and strengthening balance.

As a result, your hair and scalp will be cleaned in a balanced manner, as well as light and healthy from the first application and free of oiliness for longer. And without a rebound effect!

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