Natura Receives Third B Corp Certification

Natura Receives Third B Corp Certification

Being awarded this certification three times reinforces our social and environmental commitments. See what part you play in this.

We have always asked what a beauty brand can do for the world and how a company can be an agent of transformation both for those who work in it and for the environmentAnd in 2020, for the third time running, we were awarded B Corp certification.

What is a B Corp?

B corporations are ones that use their businesses to generate positive economic, social and environmental impactsIn other words, they strive to be more inclusive in their processes.

In addition to Natura, two other Natura & Co group brands are B Corp certified, The Body Shop, since 2019, and Aesop, which has just achieved this recognition.

The new certification attests to the fact that we maintain our commitment to constantly evolve in the promotion of positive impact in the economic, social and environmental spheres," says Andrea Alvares, Chief Brand, Innovation, International and Sustainability Officer at Natura.

 “Because By Ourselves We Cannot Change Anything”

One of the causes we stand for, Living Amazon Forestseeks to conserve this region in BrazilToday, we contribute to the conservation of 1.8 million hectares of Amazon forest by means of business model based on fair, sustainable trade.

By means of More Beauty, Less Waste, we support the development of sustainable waste management initiativesWe were the first Brazilian cosmetics brand to adopt refills for our products as early as 1983, avoiding the disposal of the equivalent amount of trash produced by 4.7 million people a dayAnd we do this togetherYou, as a co-worker or consumer, are part of this change.

With the cause Every Person Matterswe seek to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as ensuring that our relationship network receives a fair income that enables them to fulfill their basic needs, such as food, housing, education, medical assistance and transportation.

Natura in 2020

The year of 2020 was a challenge we faced togetherEven in the midst of the pandemic we continued to work on promoting a positive social and environmental impactThe creation of the company’s Emergency Fund and its measures against domestic violence helped our network of Beauty Consultants to feel close to us, even with social distancing.

With the “Amazon Forest” and “Carbon Neutral programswe were able to strengthen the social biodiversity chains and innovate with more sustainable packaging.

The Future

Thinking about what we can do for the world means thinking about the futureIn this regard, in 2020 we disclosed our Commitment to Life: Sustainability Vision 2030And for the future we have as targets net zero carbon emissions and joining forces with others to ensure zero deforestation by 2025. Our group also wants to boost diversity in the company by 30%, encompassing ethnic-racial, sexual and gender identityinclusion of the socially and economically vulnerable and persons with special needs.

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