Natura Lumina Dry Hair: The Treatment System That Leaves Your Hair Healthy

Natura Lumina Dry Hair: The Treatment System That Leaves Your Hair Healthy

A product line that nourishes your hair deeply, promoting gloss and reducing frizz through Pro-Teia Biotechnology together with a Nutri-revitalization active ingredient.

Is your hair dry or dried out? There is now a solution that will leave it nourished and healthy. The Natura Lumina Dry Hair treatment system comprises a complete line of products that promises to truly regenerate your hair from the first application.  

Signs of dryness 

Dry or dried out hair tends to be frizzy and dull. The texture is rough compared with healthy hair. This is the result of the damage provoked by the washing process, the frequent use of a dryer, iron or babyliss, and exposure to chlorine, the sun, the sea, and wind. 

Exposure to these aggressive processes, as well as the lack of natural hydration results in the loss of the cuticle, which is the external protective layer of the strands of hair. With the external part damaged, the cortex tends to be exposed. This explains the importance of using treatment products that repair the cortex through in-depth nutrition and seal the cuticles.  

Lumina Dry Hair: how does it work? 

The Lumina treatment system for dry hair comprises five products: Nourishing Shampoo, Condicionador Polinutrição (Poly-Nutrition Conditioner), Repairing Mask, Cuticle Sealing Combing Cream and Light Weight Repair Oil.  

All of the products employ the exclusive combination of Pró-teia Biotechnology – which promotes a protein recharge, filling the strands from the inside out  – with a Nutri-revitalization active ingredient. Together, they act on the damage to precisely the right extent.  

The results of using the system are readily evident: repair through in-depth nutrition, reduction of frizz, and healthy hair from the first application.  

Use it correctly! 

Understanding what your hair needs is the first step towards identifying which products to use in your treatment routine. Start by washing with Nourishing Shampoo - which leaves your hair 2X softer and more hydrated - combined with Multi-Nourishing Conditioner - which guarantees intense repair with 3X greater resistance. Finalize with the Repairing Mask, which ensures immediate, progressive treatment from the inside of the strand out, when used from 1to 3 times a week.  

According to the hairdresser Marcos Padilha, "dry hair requires special treatment”. “This is why the frequent use of a mask is fundamental for the health of this type of hair", the specialist explains. 

Do you want to improve on the results? Finalizing products are great for this. These include our Lightweight Repairing Hair Oil, a leave-in product that should be applied to dry or wet hair, always avoiding the roots.  

The Light Weight Repair Oil repairs the structure of the capillary fiber, promoting gloss without making your hair heavy. It may be re-applied whenever you want. They may be used together or separately. Feel free to work out your own routine.


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