Meditation Is Your Ally In The Fight Against Insomnia

Meditation Is Your Ally In The Fight Against Insomnia

A meditation instructor talks about the benefits of practicing meditation and even better, teaches us how to have a good night’s sleep.

Busy lives, stress, and multiple worries. Are these ruining your sleep? Experiencing difficulties while trying to fall asleep or trying to remain asleep are symptoms that affect millions of people worldwide. While it is important to consult with a specialist for a specific treatment, including meditation in your daily life may help you fight insomnia. Styles of meditation include practicing mindfulness or guided meditation. You will enjoy the benefits of meditating such as setting aside some time for yourself, leaving behind all preoccupations, anxieties, and fears, regardless of the meditation style you choose.

Meditation to combat insomnia: learn to relax and sleep better

Trying to incorporate meditation into your living space, but cannot find a quiet place where you can fully focus? Meditation instructor Vanessa Ruiz, from Escola da Aura in Brazil, recommends guided meditation. This not only boosts your creativity; it facilitates concentration.

Applications such as Natura Meditation App, are available to guide you through this journey. “The voice in guided meditations is often very soothing and brings a sense of tranquility. You start to mentally focus on creating the suggested images, and you engage your listening skills”, explains Vanessa. She also emphasizes the importance of finding a meditation practice that works for you.

Besides offering greater tranquility, improved focus, and concentration, meditation has the power to affect our stress response in the nervous system. “By constantly meditating, we learn to observe our thoughts and break free from them. Thus, we do not react. We instead start to understand that these thoughts are part of us, but they cannot hold us hostage”, she adds.  

Your problems, where do they come from?

Vanessa points out that we need to understand where our problems are coming from before we start looking for ways to solve them. Changing this perspective is fundamental to achieve successful results while battling insomnia through meditation.

“We should not fight insomnia; we should welcome it. It is the fundamental way to be able to understand where the issues are coming from. Meditation will then bring more tranquility, releasing the despair caused by not being able to sleep. The result is that you allow yourself to fall asleep”, she adds.

It is important to note that insomnia may have different causes, such as anxiety disorders or depression. Because of these reasons, if the problem persists and if it is affecting your quality of life, seek the help of a specialist. Depending on the diagnosis, your doctor may be able to determine the best course of action, and meditation may be one of the elements included in the healing process.

Clear your mind to sleep well

Vanessa has other tips to put those sleepless nights behind you and sleep well through the nights. She says therapeutic writing may help you clear your mind. “Have a diary and before you go to bed, write down everything that is worrying you. Finalize by thinking about three things that you are grateful for and write them down. It is a moment to surrender and it may calm the mind”, suggests Vanessa. 

Visualizing a blue light may also bring calmness. “With the blue light in mind, direct your attention and the intention to relax to each part of your body, from the feet running through the top of your head, going through all parts of your body, including neglected areas such as the tongue, the back of the neck and the eyes”, Vanessa explains.

Remember to repeat this practice regularly, preferably every day.

Did you practice and still had no sleep? Do not despair! We learn from the present moment and evolve over time.

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