Ekos Maracujá: Enjoy your bath time with a relaxing home spa ritual

Ekos Maracujá: Enjoy your bath time with a relaxing home spa ritual

Recharge your energies under the shower with products made from soothing passion fruit oil.

The daily routine at home can be exhausting. Take care of yourself with a relaxing home spa ritual with Ekos Maracujá products.

Gentle exfoliation:

Start your shower with Maracujá Creamy Exfoliating Soap. With passion fruit oil that has a high concentration of essential fatty acids, it moisturizes and soothes the skin while seeds of the fruit itself provide gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin soft and renewed. After exfoliating, rinse your body to completely remove the product. 

While still under the shower, moisturize your skin using Maracujá Triple Phase Shower Oil. Apply the product  all over the body except for the face. Its lightweight texture has emollient properties and deodorant action. Before getting out of the shower, rinse off and dry yourself with a soft towel.

Soothing hydration:

Also containing passion fruit oil, Maracujá Body Lotion hydrates and soothes the skin for up to 24 hours. With a soothing action and fast absorption, its light and silky texture leaves the skin soft and delicately scented.

A relaxing moment:

Start applying our body lotion with circular movements from your ankles up. This can help to relieve points of tension.

Legs: You can vary the strength of the movements, lighter from the ankles to the knees, and more intense from the thighs to the groin.

Buttocks: Massage the entire extension of the glutes with circular movements, starting from the outside and moving in.

Tummy: Standing up, massage your abdomen with a clockwise, circular motion, starting from the navel. Extend the movement towards the waist and the breasts. Apply the moisturizer with an upwards motion on your sides and spread it over the lower back.

Arms: As with your legs, start with the hands and massage up to your shoulders. Pay attention to your elbows, too. From the shoulders, spread the product towards the upper back.

Breasts: Spread the moisturizer using your fingertips and make circular outwards movements.

Neck and Cleavage: Apply the cream in sweeping upwards movements towards the neck, also massaging around the collarbone.

Hands: At this particular moment, besides being hygienic, washing hands more frequently is a powerful weapon against coronavirus. But washing and cleaning with alcohol gel 70 can also cause dryness, so it is essential to rehydrate. Our suggestion is to apply Maracujá Hand Cream, which is absorbed rapidly.

Experience the soothing power of the Ekos Maracujá collection now!

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