How To Take Care Of Each Skin Type

How To Take Care Of Each Skin Type

Learn skincare products for your specific skin type.

Skin health is something that deserves a great deal of attention. Various factors, such as hormonal variations, diet, genetics, and even mood, can influence each person’s skin characteristics. For this reason, knowing your skin type makes it much easier to know what kind of care you should take with it.

Find out some essential tips about beginning a skincare routine for all skin types, a factor that makes all the difference in this process.

Skin types: how to care for each type 

Before choosing any product or treatment, it is extremely important to know what your skin type is because each type requires specific care. If in doubt, consult a professional to understand your particular case. But if you already know your skin type, check out these skincare tips for each type below: 

1. Oily skin

With dilated pores and intense shine, oily skin has a major tendency to present pimples and blackheads, as well as an irregular texture. 

To begin with, pay attention to your daily care routine. When you arrive home at the end of the day, be sure to take care of your skin. If you use makeup, remove it before going to bed. And even if you don’t, clean your face to remove the residues of pollution. Use specific products for your skin type to ensure more in-depth cleansing. This is an important step if you want to avoid an oily appearance.

For effective care of your skin, it’s key to choose products that suit your specific needs. In these cases, oiliness is a challenge to overcome. With salicylic acid, our Pore Purifying Toner cleanses and unblocks the pores, reducing the oiliness of the skin and eliminating cell toxins. Whereas Deep Purifying Pore Cleanser cleanses the face deeply and controls oiliness for up to six hours, due to the Cupuaçu betaine in its composition. 

2. Combination skin 

Combination skin, as the name suggests, is a type of skin that presents oiliness in the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin), at the same time as a fine consistency responsible for the appearance of light wrinkles and flaking on the other parts of the face. 

It is also important to use specific products in this process. A great option is the Gentle Cleansing Mousse, which has a foamy texture ideal for all skin types. Since this type of skin has different hydration levels in each region of the face, we recommend the use of Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator: a super-concentrated treatment that stimulates the skin to self-hydrate intelligently, balancing the water levels in each region of the face. All of this comes in a light, refreshing texture that penetrates the skin rapidly. 

3. Normal skin 

Normal skin is balanced, with a smooth texture, good elasticity, and no excess oiliness. The pores are closed and not highly visible. People who have normal skin should follow a daily care routine to prevent the occurrence of problems.  

One very effective suggestion is Gentle Cleansing Mousse. With a creamy consistency, it contains glyco-active ingredients that promote retention of the water in the skin even for rinsable products, maintaining the skin hydration for longer. It forms an unbeatable combination with Nourishing Night Face Cream, from Chronos, which promotes intense hydration and has an antioxidant action. Its light texture ensures a soft, luminous face. 

4. Dry skin

With a rough, dull appearance, dry skin presents signs of irritation and flaking. One of the main causes, in this case, is the lack of water, which promotes dehydration. 

People who have dry skin should avoid using cosmetics that have alcohol in their formulation since they dry the skin out even more. Hot water is also bad for the face because it removes the skin’s natural oiliness. Lastly and most importantly: invest heavily in hydration, in particular after bathing or showering, when the pores are open and ready to absorb nutrients. 

For special super-concentrated hydration, we recommend Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator: it promotes an instant hydration charge and stimulates the skin to self-hydrate intelligently. It immediately increases the water levels in the skin by up to 84%, leaving it smooth, hydrated, and rebalanced.  

Essential care for all skin types 

Even though different skin types require special care, there are a number of tips that may be followed regardless of type. One of these is cleaning the face twice a day to prevent the entry of bacteria and impurities. 

Also important for all skin types is protection for the face and other parts of the body exposed to sun rays. Even on cloudy days, it is essential to have sun protection suitable for your kind of skin. This will ensure your skin will not be damaged by the sun while promoting an agreeable sensation on the skin. 

Now that you know the essential care necessary for each type of skin, you can incorporate our tips into your daily routine and note how each detail makes a difference! 

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