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How to Repair Damaged Hair: A Guide For Every Need

Dry, damaged by chemical treatments, straight, wavy, curly hair. For every need, a specific way of taking care of it. Check out these guidelines to repair damaged hair and get healthier hair.

To learn how to repair damaged hair may be one of the most useful tasks for women everywhere. As happy as a woman may feel about her hair, there is always something she would like to do to make it healthier. 

But keeping healthy hair requires daily care because many factors of our everyday life contribute to damaging your beautiful locks. With the right information, guidance and the use of suitable products for each hair type, this task becomes easier. 

How to Identify Damaged Hair?

Before learning how to repair damaged hair, it is important to pay attention to your hair and recognize the type of damage. For example, if you feel difficulty in combing your hair, or feel that it is different from usual, pay attention to some details:

  • Are the ends split?
  • Does it have a shine to it or is it dull? 
  • Can you notice any hair dryness?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, your diagnosis may as well be that your hair is damaged. So, what can cause hair damage?

Chemical Damage

Hair dye, highlights, lowlights, straightening, Brazilian blowout, perm, extension. The use of chemical products interferes with the natural structure of the hair cuticle.

Straightening or Brazilian blowouts break the surface layer of the hair strands. This removes the protective layer of the cuticle, which is what leaves the hair shiny and with texture. Besides, it’s the protective layer that retains moisture, responsible for the hydration of the strands. Without it, the result is porous hair.

Hair dyes also damage the lipid protective layer of the surface of the strands, which leaves the hair more exposed to external factors. The result? Weak, brittle, dull and dry hair.

Chemically treated hair loses capillary mass. Have you ever noticed that your hair gets thinner after you go through chemical procedures? For this reason, the more chemically treated the hair is, the more you need to learn how to repair damaged hair and give it the best care. 

Environmental damage

Hair suffers from environmental damage too, especially during summer. Sea salt, chlorine, and ozone from swimming pools, and the ultraviolet light from direct sunlight affect the cuticle of the hair strand similarly to bleaching, removing its protective layer and ability to retain moisture. This effect is very much like the damage caused by the chemical factors we’ve just talked about.

Environmental damage leaves hair frizzy and dry. If you notice some hair discoloration after sun exposure, this is a sign that damage has occurred – the hair proteins have deteriorated, especially the keratin. The hair strands get dry and with a spongy appearance.

Excessive heat

Straightening irons, blow dryers and curly wands or other hair tools that expose the hair to excessive heat also break the protective layer of the hair strands. The hair loses the ability to retain its natural proteins and vitamins because it’s no longer sealed.

The excessive heat from these tools causes the hair to become dry, making it brittle and forming split ends.

The good news is that most of the problems, such as dullness and frizz due to the lack of nutrition and moisture, are reversible. However, the sooner you start treating your hair, the better. The longer you wait for treatment, the more work you will have to restore your hair to a healthy state.  

How to Repair Damaged Hair

First things first: Learning how to repair damaged hair involves learning what is your hair type too. In this post, we explain which factors you need to consider to identify your hair type. 

Dry Hair: Deep Nutrition

Dry hair has a rough texture, it’s unaligned and frizzy and has excessive volume. In this case, to understand how to repair damaged hair you need to notice that it needs deep nourishment to seal the cuticle and leave the strands lined up. 

The Natura Lumina Dry Hair Treatment contains 3 products specially developed to nourish the hair. They promote reconstruction and deep nutrition from the first application thanks to our Pró-Teia Biotechnology (see explanatory box below) combined with our Nutrirevitalization active.

Due to its nourishment power, this system works by recovering and revitalizing dry hair. The shampoo and conditioner promote deep moisturizing, and the mask penetrates the hair, moisturizing it as well and eliminating the feeling of coarse hair.

Chemically Treated Hair: Damage Regeneration

Changing the color, the haircut, or the texture of your hair is a cherished habit for many women who see in their hairstyles an expression of their unique identity. But as they go through chemical procedures, the hair strands lose capillary mass, making it more susceptible to breakage. 

How to repair damaged hair in this case? Your hair is going to need “hair food”, or in other words, you will need to give the nutrients and compounds that regenerate the hair strand to its original stage, both through regular hydrations and day-to-day care. 

The Natura Lumina Chemically Damaged Hair Treatment regenerates these damages by combining the Liporeposition active with the Pró-Teia Biotechnology (see explanatory box below). By regenerating the strands from the inside out, the hair looks healthier and straightening procedures and hair dyes last longer.

There are three products in this system – shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. The Restructuring shampoo penetrates the fiber and balances the hair. The Pro-Vitality Conditioner helps recover damage by inserting lipids lost by the capillary fiber and returning the natural cohesion of the strand cuticles. 

With Pró-Teia Biotechnology and Liporeposition active, the Regenerating hair mask helps reconstruct the capillary structure from the cortex to the cuticle and densifies hair. Overall, this line leaves the hair with optimal elasticity and flexibility.

Natural Straight Hair: Combating Oiliness

Now, if your hair has not undergone chemical procedures to become straight, its care is completely different. That is because natural straight hair tends to be oily, especially by the roots, which makes it look heavier and dirtier as the day goes by. 

Natura Lumina Straight Hair Treatment was developed to remove impurities and oiliness for a longer period and leaves the hair healthier from the first application.

The Purifying Shampoo removes oil from roots, retards the return of oiliness, and is 4.7 times stronger than conventional products. The Protecting Conditioner acts directly from roots to tips moisturizing the hair without leaving it heavy. They are some of the ways to fix damaged hair.

This product improves movement, sheen and provides twice as much protection against free radicals. With an anti-pollution active combined with the protein recharge provided by the Pró-Teia Biotechnology. this line leaves the hair glossier, stronger, more resistant.

Curly Hair: Higher Definition

Loose curls, tight curls. Despite some similarities, every curl is different -- like every woman. Usually, curly hair tends to be opaque, dry and very frizzy, especially at the ends. It needs definition and deep hydration.

To best way to understand how to repair curly hair, in this case, is to think about how intricate and delicate it hair is. Therefore, any treatments you may choose have to be just as delicate.   

The Natura Lumina Curly Hair Treatment is gentle on curly hair. Without sulfate or silicone, it treats precisely what the hair needs thanks to the Pró-Teia Biotechnology (see explanatory box below) in combination with the Hydradefinition active. 

The hydrating shampoo leaves the hair stronger and dramatically reduces hair loss due to breakage. This product has an anti-knotting effect and leaves the hair up to 39% easier to comb. 

The curl definition conditioner acts on the definition of curly hair, making it softer and more controllable. Also, the nourishing mask is indicated to treat hair erosion and increase hair mass. To complete this line, the leave-in treatment enhances hair texture and hair reconstruction and protects the capillary structure against heat damage from hot tools. Now, it's easier to understand how to repair damaged hair, right?

What is the exclusive Pró-Teia Biotechnology?

Using biomimicry, our scientists found in the strength and the flexibility of the spider's web the inspiration to develop our exclusive Pró-teia Biotechnology. The spider web is 5x stronger than steel and 5x more malleable than nylon, and shares with the human hair the same protein design. After reproducing the protein in our labs, we created a technology that fills the hair strands from the cortex to the cuticle targeting precisely what the hair needs and regenerating the strands from the inside out. 

This technology was then combined with powerful actives that treat specific hair needs.

The Liporeposition active, for instance, acts on the insertion of lipids lost by the hair fiber, ensuring better adhesion of the cuticles to the strands.

       Hair porosity and microtomography

To see how the Natura Lumina line acts on your hair, we use hair microtomography, which is similar to as an X-ray of the hair. This technology allows our scientists to see the hair cortex (aka, the inside the hair strand), and compare the damage before and after the application of the products. After clinical tests of Lumina hair products, we noticed a reduction of up to 70% of hair porosity (the ability of the hair to absorb and retain moisture) since the first application. Lower hair porosity results in stronger, healthier hair.

Lumina Hair Care Satisfaction Guarantee

A daily hair care routine powered advanced haircare technology and unique bio-actives is sure to make your locks smooth, shiny, and bouncy. We don’t promise good hair every day, but we promise healthier hair since the first application. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with Natura Lumina's basic treatment system (shampoo, conditioner, mask). Check out all the details on Lumina Hair Care Satisfaction Guarantee.  

Pssst... did you know that Natura products are vegan and cruelty-free? 

Vegan products don't have any animal origin ingredients in their formulation. Cruelty-free products are never tested on animals.

Natura hair care products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


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