Holiday gift ideas that fit your budget!

Holiday gift ideas that fit your budget!

From pampering treats to little luxuries, find out the best Natura gifts for everyone on your list.

With Holidays just around the corner, let us help you find a gift full of affection on a budget for everyone on your list, whether for your parents, best friends, your co-workers, dear neighbors, a beloved frontline worker, or even yourself. From affordable treats to little luxuries, Natura Holidays offer a selection of beauty products that fit everyone’s budget.

Pampering gifts, under $38

We are all looking for a little comfort at the end of this year, it reminds us of the power of little things. This Holiday Season, give a hug in the form of a gift to your friends, special co-workers, or even your dear neighbors.

  • Castanha Discovery Set, $18: experience the Amazon forest with Natura Castanha. This duo pampers and delights with our creamy exfoliating soap, while our worldwide favorite hand cream treats and softens hands.
  • Natura Homem Aftershave, $27: celebrate endless ways of being a man with Natura Homema complete line of fragrances and personal care so that each man takes care of himself in his own way.
  • Soap Collection Set$38: with 100% vegetable oils and tropical-scentedNatura Ekos soap bars are made in the heart of the Amazon. There’s a wide variety of creamy or exfoliating bars you can choose, both with abundant foam that leaves skin soft and delicately scented.
Essential gifts, under $28

Express your love and gratitude to those who have always been by your side this year, your family and friends, or even a beloved frontline worker. Natura beauty gifts wrap moments of care for those who are essential to you.

  • Hand Cream Trio, $26: enjoy our exclusive edition to treat and soften hands, with MaracujáAçaí & Castanha hand creams. Tip: It is perfect gift for Secret Santa! And a great way to try three of our favorite bioactive ingredients from the Amazon.
  • Açaí Discovery Set, $28with revitalizing Açaí oil, our energizing triple phase shower oil and a gently exfoliating bar soap enhance the beauty of the skin leaving it illuminated.
  • Maracujá Discovery Set, $28: feel the benefits of passion fruit, with this duo of triple phase shower oil & hand cream, that soothes the skin with an anti-stress effect.

The Holiday season may look different this year, but we all can dream together and create inspiring moments filled with care. We may be physically distant, but we need to stay closer than ever. At the end of this year, be present and express your entire lovein the form of a giftIn every Natura gift, there is our dream of a more beautiful world. Find out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, no matter your budget! #NaturaHolidays #DreamWithNatura 

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