New Ekos Tukumã: Powerful anti-signs for your body and for the regeneration of the Amazon forest.

From the Amazon Forest to Your Daily Beauty Routine

New Ekos Tukumã: Powerful anti-signs for your body and for the regeneration of the Amazon forest.

Tukumã is the Amazon, and the Amazon is Tukumã. 

An integral part of the culture and repertoire of the Amazon, the Tukumã fruit demonstrates the innumerable benefits nature has to offer in the form of powerful bio-actives. 

Our complete Ekos Tukumã line features Body LotionConcentrated BalmBiphase Shower OilHand Cream, and a Soap Bar Set. Discover the positive impact you make on your skin and on the Earth when you buy our NEW Ekos Tukumã.

When we talk about Ekos Tukumã, we are talking about the Amazon. Known as the phoenix of the forest, the tucumã fruit regrows even after major fires, regenerating the forest and its soil, as well as the lives that depend on it. From the devastated soil, this palm tree with thorns along its trunk resurfaces and reaches up to 15 meters high.

For our body, this fruit provides a number of benefits and is intensely present in the daily routine of local communities. From breakfast, with a “Petequê” or “X-Caboclinho” (regional names for bread) prepared with banana, cheese, and tucumã; to cake, pudding, coffee, and even bio-jewelry and cosmetics that are made with this unique ingredient.

So, what are the benefits of Ekos Tukumã for our skin? 

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​The Natura Ekos Tukumã line is a regenerative biocosmetic with a powerful anti-aging action for your body to regenerate like the Amazon. With dual-action, the crude tucumã oil combats the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin and the tucumã butter stimulates its natural production. Ekos Tukumã refills the skin to the deepest layers, combating the signs of aging for a renewed and even-toned skin. 

When we think about Ekos, we think about a product that values everyone and everything. You, our network, the animals, and the forest. Because we can no longer choose between what is good for us or what is good for the world. It’s only good for us if it’s also good for the world. We are all nature, and when you buy any Ekos product you are helping thousands of families who are guardians of the forest. 

Furthermore, Ekos has different formulas with raw bio-actives which make them even more powerful. Besides holding a biocompatible and highly biodegradable product, our ecological green plastic packaging extends the Ekos legacy to nature. Ekos is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Taking care of your skin is a daily and, more importantly, a constant routine. And usually, we only start noticing the changes after a certain period of time. So here is what to expect when using Ekos Tukumã in your daily routine. 

  • Immediate action: Moisturizes and improves your skin's texture, giving it volume.
  • After 3 days: Protects against the loss of hyaluronic acid and promotes cell renewal.
  • After 14 days: Stimulates and intensifies the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. 
  • After 30 days: Your skin is refilled to the deepest layers, with fewer signs of aging and a uniform texture.

Natura Ekos Tukumã is powerful for the skin, for the communities that harvest it, and for the forest. Would you like to know more about its benefits? 

Discover the NEW Ekos Tukumã line now!

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