Do's and Don'ts of At-Home Hair Care

Do's and Don'ts of At-Home Hair Care

Follow some advice on what to do, and what not to do to keep your hair great while you and those around you stay safe.

Social distancing is affecting so many areas of our lives that we may as well forget to take a close look in the mirror, but looking at ourselves for more than a quick glance is more important than you might think.

Sometimes, the mirror can reveal how unkindly we may be treating ourselves and motivate us to care better for what we see reflected. Taking care of ourselves by giving our appearance a bit more attention may not only help boost confidence but also add joy to our daily routine. 

What steps are you taking to take care of yourself? 

Creating (or perfecting) a self-care routine will help you combat anxiety and regain a sense of control.

Self-care routines that stick tend to engage various sensory components like touch, sight, and smell. The good news? A hair care routine ticks all of the above. 

Since the world has given you permission to hold still, take advantage of the extra time at home to learn how to take care of your hair. Start by learning some dos and don'ts of an at-home care routine.


    • Hair masks: Use this time of isolation to nourish your hair with a deep conditioning treatment.
    • Wash your hair like a pro: have you ever fallen asleep while having your hair shampooed at the salon? Felt like nothing else mattered? Well, you can try to achieve that light-as-air feeling at home by giving yourself a 5 minutes rich-lather massage. The pro-tip? Start with the hairline and keep lathering until the end.
    • Try scalp treatments: Massage your scalp in the shower, and take scalp care to the next level by applying a tonic before you sleep.
    • Layer some oils: Hair oil may be great for improving your scalp health and make hair more soft and shiny. 
    • Air dry: Give your follicles a vacation from hot tools.
    • Learn new hairstyles: There are plenty of tutorials online to teach you some new looks.
    • Wear accessories: Disguise overgrown roots with bandanas, headbands, or turbans.
    • Support your hairstylist: Video chat for consultations and tip, pre-pay for services, buy gift cards, share your appreciation via Yelp reviews, stay in touch, and share their content online. Then, follow their advice and some of our own.


    • Avoid trimming your own hair: Ruined bangs or haircuts may bring unneeded stress to your day.
    • Avoid coloring your own hair: It may be more expensive to undo a bad home dye than to simply wait for salons to reopen.
    • Don’t bleach your own hair: From uneven tone to scalp burning to hair breakage, bleaching hair at home is a risky move. Avoid it. Your hairstylist will thank you! 

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