Combing Cream for Curly and Frizzy Hair: Learn How to Use It

Combing Cream for Curly and Frizzy Hair: Learn How to Use It

This product is essential in the care routine for frizzy and curly hair, just choose the right type and finish with style!

People who have curly or frizzy hair know that certain products are essential in the care routine, particularly for the finish. On or after washing days, the combing cream for curly hair and the version for frizzy hair are your biggest allies in defining your curls and keeping them curly for longer.

Whatever your curl type  – from 3A to 4C –, the trick is not to worry about complex and overly involved techniques. To have great looking healthy curls, you just need the right product.

When including combing cream for curly or frizzy hair in the care ritual, either as a finisher on the day you wash it or to liven up the curls on the day after, it is important to know what the main benefits of the product are and to always apply it either to wet or dry hair, avoiding the roots.

The Natura Lumina curly and dry hair treatment systems have options that meet the needs of your hair. All the products may be used with shampoo-free, gentle and Co-Wash techniques. That is, the formulas do not have silicones, sulphates and petrolates. Furthermore, the cosmetics are vegan.

See the combing cream options and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Coiled Hair - Detangling and Defining Leave-in

This simple and effective scrunching technique can transform your hair. You just have to divide your hair up in sections after washing. Do this in at least four sections. After, you just apply Detangling Cream and Defining Leave-in lock by lock, which results in an immediate sheen and has an anti-shrinkage action. By scrunching it with gentle but precise movements from the ends towards the root, you can see the ringlets beginning to take shape. The more locks, the better the result!

Curly Hair - Intense Shine Leave-in Treatment

To boost definition, moisturize immediately, define curls for up to 24 hours and have three times less frizz, apply our Intense Shine Leave-in Treatment.

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