Care is love in action

Care is love in action


When you spread a Natura body lotion, made from natural ingredients and with an amazing texture, on your body you can feel care. When you find out that the bioactive inside the lotion is sourced from Amazonian families, you can feel connected and close to nature. Since 1969, Natura’s reason for being has been to create and sell products and services that promote the harmonious relationship of the individual with oneself, with others and with nature. 

How you feel the care 

To create cosmetics and products that are a vehicle for love, we take care of every single ingredient that we are using, the way we source our ingredients from the communities in the Amazon and other places, the packaging. Our concern about how these products will be disposed after they have been used. So, Natura adds love to the entire production process of its 100% vegan cosmetics.  

You can feel the care by using sensorial products that make you feel better and act upon your facial and body skin, your hair. We create products to make you feel more comfortable, more empowered, but in a loving and generous way. “A beauty company should work towards making its relations as healthy as possible, as loving and generous as possible”, says Andrea Alvares, chief brand of innovation, international and sustainability Officer at Natura. “That's why we fight stereotypes, that's why we really want to make sure that everyone accepts themselves as they are and works towards becoming the best version of themselves. Their own version and not an idealized notion of beauty. So, I guess that would be my version of care: love in action,” she adds.  

How you feel connected 

In a routine of self-care and through this relationship with yourself you can establish a more harmonious relationship with the people around you. And then you will be able and willing to take care of the environment, of the house in which we all live, which is the Earth. 

“Natura was born from love and passion for two things: cosmetics and relationships, because we have always understood that our relationships actually make us who we are”, explains Andrea. We exist through the relationships that we establish, they make us what we are. Relationships are a way of not only connecting but also of building and creating value. Not only do connections and relationships make life better, they also create incredible significance, ranging from the economic and social development of communities in the Amazon to the development of the beauty consultants that make up the beautiful network which is Natura.  

How you can feel closer to nature 

The Amazon is a vast region covering nine countries in South America. It is home to 30 million people and to 9% of the world’s biodiversity. The geographic space of the Amazon region has a very important role in regulating the global climate, and it plays a fundamental role in carbon capture. So, protecting the Amazon is protecting our life on this planet. It is very special!  

Natura created a business model that drives economic development and social progress while keeping the forest standing. We source 41 bio ingredients from almost 7,500 families in many regions of the Amazon. This creates dignified livelihoods for the communities that operate in these regions. And not only that! Natura has developed a model that keeps the forest standing, while employing very advanced technologies to transform these ingredients into exceptional cosmetic products. You feel closer to nature when you can feel its power, by enjoying the amazing sensation and results of a hair treatment with Patauá. Or using Chronos on your face, or Tukumã on your body.  

Feeling care, feeling connected and feeling closer to nature is always possible​ using Natura products. Why don´t you start to feel this triple care today? 

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