Black Women’s Wealth Alliance

Black Women’s Wealth Alliance

Learn more about Black Women's Wealth Alliance, a cultural wealth company focused on increasing the economic stability and prosperity of Historical Black Women.

Building economic power and boosting wealth opportunities for black women is the mission of Black Women’s Wealth Alliance (BWWA) since 2014. Founded and currently presided by Kenya McKnight-Ahad, BWWA identified the pressing need for a space to give Black women educational resources. Through wealth literacy, the goal is to help women think long-term, learn to invest and promote economic stability and prosperity. Based in Minneapolis, this non-profit has supported to date around 4,000 women and has helped more than 1,500 women start businesses, own homes, advance professionally and build generational wealth while also increasing overall local community prosperity.

Black Women's Wealth Alliance

Black Women’s Wealth Alliance aims to bring awareness to the wealth gaps & challenges impacting the Black community. As an activist and policy leader, Mcknight-Ahad has had an imperative role in expanding the narrative of Black women’s economic challenges. “Our motto is that black women are the leaders and teachers of our entire institution, from our board, to our education, and to our leaders.”

The organization’s purpose is to serve the community of Black women, Black people who have lived in the nation for generations who come with a unique history, culture, and have been impacted by financial trauma. BWWA is responsible for hosting  workshops, panels, and discussions about lack women’s economic security.

Mcknight-Ahad: Black Women's Wealth Alliance

According to a U.S. Department of Labor 2015 study, Black women are projected to retire in poverty at a higher rate than all women in the U.S. even though Black women make up the largest percentage of Primary Breadwinners of their households despite their marital status - ultimately carrying heavy financial responsibility and often across 1-3 households. 

Their continuous effort to provide economic education for Black women has been an undertaking impacting thousands of lives for the better. Recognized and sponsored by major organizations, BWWA has been able to grant over $490,000 to Black women entrepreneurs, educators, students, and career professionals. Due to their great work, BWWA was previously recognized this year by Google’s Black Founders Fund. There work continues to evolve and support Black women's aspirations to build wealth.


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