8 tips to care for your feet this summer

Best Foot Forward: 8 Tips to Care For Your Feet This Summer

With warmer weather calling for feet freedom, it’s important to give your foot skin the TLC it deserves.

People create revitalization and renewal rituals for the face and body skin and make intricate hair care routines, but the foot skin that supports the whole body is almost always neglected.

With warmer weather calling for feet freedom, it’s time to get your foot skin the TLC it deserves and your feet ready for sandal season.

These tried and vetted steps don’t require much time and are simple to follow. But here's one important tip: if your feet are cracked or have problems with fungi or bacteria, consult a specialist.

1. Prefer exfoliation over foot file

The goal of removing dead cells, renewing the dermis, and stimulating circulation can be achieved with exfoliation. The thickening of the feet skin is your body's way to protect itself from aggression. Instead of using a foot file, which can hurt, try exfoliating your feet during a bath or in the shower, at most once a week. Our Cacau Body Scrub is great to buff away dead cells without stripping the skin from natural oils.

2. Warm water. Always!

This maxim applies to any part of the body! From the hair to the skin of the feet, hot water can cause dryness. Whenever possible, keep the water at a pleasant temperature, without overdoing it.

3. Always moisturize, especially after the shower

Like body care, feet also need hydration. After all, they take you everywhere and withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life for many hours. For better absorption by the skin, apply a moisturizer right after the shower, with damp skin, and preferably before going to sleep. Your feet may get slippery, so a quick walk from the bathroom to bed may avoid any accident.

4. Keep moisture away from your feet

The region may not have as many sebaceous glands like the rest of the body, but it certainly has many sweat glands. Sweat helps eliminate impurities, even though it takes away some of the skin's natural hydration too, so it is essential to replenish it. If you combine humidity with a warm, closed place, it will be the perfect home for fungi and bacteria to grow. Prevent this problem by wearing socks made of fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, such as cotton, instead of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester. And remember to thoroughly dry every toe after shower.

5. Rest your feet at the end of the day

Do you know that feeling of tired legs and feet? A great tip to revitalize not only the skin but also its energies is to do a foot bath followed by a foot massage. Lie down, place your legs and feet slightly above your torso. Use our Andiroba Cream Gel for Legs and Feet to relieve tiredness and reduce swelling. Start at the feet and go up to the legs, with gentle compressions with the palm of the hand and the fingertips, massaging, and feeling the effects of the touch until the total absorption of the product by the skin.

6. Set aside tight shoes

They squeeze the fingers, are uncomfortable, and can create calluses due to constant friction. Keep in mind: Calluses are thick skin, and the thickening of the skin is how your body protects itself from aggression.

7. Switch shoes

Sweat acts as a way to eliminate impurities and regulate body temperature. Depending on the type of shoes and the fabric of the socks you wear, your shoes will have an unpleasant smell. To avoid this problem, switch shoes often, allowing the fabrics to breathe. If you needed another reason to vary your look, this is a good one.

8. DIY feet mask

A foot mask can be both moisturizing and relaxing. After scrubbing your feet and tending to nails and cuticles, mix our Castanha concentrated oil in our Castanha foot cream in a bowl, then transfer to reusable plastic bags. Place your feet inside the bags, sit back and relax for 10 minutes. Wipe the mask off and wash it with a nourishing soap. And if you are doing this at night, replace the bags with socks. Apply the mix to your feet, tuck your feet into your socks and head to bed to give your feet a beauty sleep.

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