Baby bath: a great moment for relaxation

Baby bath: a great moment for relaxation

With these specialist tips and techniques, bath time can be a great moment of relaxation and proximity with your baby.

The baby's bath time is one of the moments when the mother and father experience an even closer contact with their little one, strengthening the bond between them. It´s a perfect moment to enjoy great affection and relaxation for parents and the baby to make the most of it.

One of the main challenges is to avoid nervousness, instead, following a few tips and steps, will boost your confidence. 

"The first thing we must remember is that the baby lived in a liquid environment, so it is a very familiar place where he/she has spent a large part of intrauterine life", says pediatric nurse Anna Chiesa.

"The bath is usually a pleasant experience for the baby. Not only considering hygiene need itself: it is a moment of bonding and relaxation, which will leave you both calm. In fact, the intention is to make the baby contact this medium again”, she adds.

In general, mothers learn to bathe in maternity. Upon arriving home, at first there may be some fear, mainly because the baby is still very small and delicate.

“Being afraid is the most common thing in the world, but it is essential that parents feel confident and transmit this feeling to the baby, who surely needs to feel it”, she reinforces it. 

It is also important that parents know how to identify the best time for bathing at night or during the day, so you can develop a routine with the baby.

Baby bathtub, bath seats or shower: which one is the best option?

A baby bathtub is the most common one, but many babies feel insecure about their backs and cry a lot during first baths. 

“Start by placing the baby on his back, resting his buttocks in the water. Wash baby´s chest, arms, and fold their legs. Then, turn the baby around and wash his/her back”, teaches Anna.

The amount of water to be put in the bath will depend on the size of the baby.

“If it is small one, 1/3 of the bathtub is enough. A 3.8 kg baby, for example, needs half the capacity of the bathtub. The ideal is to test a quantity of water in which the baby feels that he/she is in a liquid medium”, she says.

Another recurring question is about the water temperature. It should be close to the baby´s body temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.

The best way to know if it is correct is to do a test by dipping your elbow in the water. This is a region where you will feel exactly like the baby. "If it feels nice in your elbow region, then it's good for your baby too”, says Anna.

According to the specialist, the shower bath is a time to create an even greater bond with your little one.

“This skin-to-skin contact with the adult gives the child a lot of security. Place the baby against your chest and rub his/her back. Then turn it over and lay the baby into your arms. Wash its tummy and legs”, she advises.

“But to experiment bathing your baby in the shower, it is important to have the support of someone else, who will deliver the naked baby to you and then help you to dry and dress him."

The bath seats, or even buckets, on the other hand, are widely used resources to return the child to the position it was in mom´s womb.

The best way to bathe your baby in this position is to hold only the baby's head firmly behind the neck. The rest of the body should be submerged in the water, in an upright position. It is so relaxing that, many times, babies even sleep," teaches Anna.

As the your little one gets older and more and more awake, it is worth using some playful element when bathing. Books and toys are very welcome to amuse him/her. And music too!

“It´s nice to create your own ritual -- about two months before baby´s birth, in the transition from day to night -- bathing and massaging your belly listening to a quiet song is an excellent choice. So, when the baby is born, you can start bathing playing the same song. He/she will recognize it as it will sound very familiar.”

A delicate scent, massage and a soft towel

When washing your baby's body and hair, very mild shampoos and soaps can be used. Mamãe e Bebê baby care line is approved by pediatricians, and can be used since baby´s first day of life. Their 100% vegan formula contain only the ingredients that your newborn baby need, and nothing else.

“Look for neutral aromas with natural bioactives, this helps to develop the baby's sense of smell,” says Anna.

Always look for products tested for the sensitive skin of the little ones that do not harm their skin nor their eyes. 

Mamãe e Bebê baby care line has 100% Vegan formulas with 98% of natural ingredients, free from: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, Ethanol, dyes, silicones, mineral oil and gluten​, to bathe, moisturize and perfume your baby´s soft hair and skin with very delicate and loving fragrances. ​ 

The expert also warns us, that if you are going to give more than one bath a day, you´ll only need to use shampoo and soap in only one of them. "It is important to preserve the oiliness of the skin, which works as a protection for the baby." 

Dry baths with diapers are also forbidden. “They can cause diaper rashes”, she adds. Always use towels or diapers made of very soft fabric to dry your baby´s sensitive skin, to absorb water well without irritating the skin.

It is important, throughout the bathing process, that parents observe the baby's reactions.

“Avoid sudden movements and talk nicely with your child. Your baby needs to feel that he/she is not alone. And always remember: tranquility is important, as there is an intense exchange of energy, and the baby can feel if there is any tension associated with this moment”, concludes Anna.

A relaxing fragrance is also an excellent choice to relax even more and strengthen your bond in these tender moments. Mamãe e Bebê new Relaxing line, with Foaming Soap, Moisturizer and Cologne with a delicate fragrance that combines chamomile and lavender.

After shower, a massage can be a good way to relax even more. The fast absorbing Relaxing Moisturizer combines 100% vegetable oils with cupuaçu butter​, and gently moisturizes the baby's sensitive skin up to 24 hours​, strengthening the upper layers of baby's delicate skin as well as the love between both of you.​

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