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Are you at home? See some products for relaxation and well-being rituals

At a difficult time like this, it is important to care for yourself so that you will be able to care for others. Spare some time to alleviate the intense stress and to gather your strength.

During the coronavirus pandemic, finding some time to take care of yourself is essential for keeping your body and your mind healthy. The excess of information and the uncertainties related to the virus directly impact our physical and psychological health.

“We should pay attention and learn how to identify the signs of exhaustion of our body and our mind so that we do not go into “autopilot mode”. It is when we are tired and stressed out that we most need to employ self-care strategies in order to re-establish balance”, says Patricia Tobo, scientific well-being manager at Natura.

And to ensure good results, she suggests combining the right products with certain infallible rituals. Before starting, remember to concentrate on your breathing, breathe in and out deeply and focus on this special moment.

1. Try a bath with a soothing fragrance

You haven’t managed to have a moment for yourself all day long? Bath time is the best moment for decompression. This is why products with relaxing properties and soothing fragrances are ideal for this moment.

Prepare the ritual:

Choose your favorite product line and start with the soap. Apply the soap all over your body using circular movements on the legs from the feet up and on the arms from the hands up to the shoulders. If you are going to use body oil, repeat the massage and rinse. For even more spectacular results, after the bath apply the body moisturizer from the same product line, using the same movements.

“Self-massage leads to greater awareness of the body because it stimulates our senses. It invites us to pay closer attention to the body’s sensations, enabling us to touch specific regions of the body according to our needs”, Patrícia explains.

2. Effective allies against dry hands

Washing your hands has become a hugely important habit during the pandemic. But excessive washing and use of hand sanitizer can dry the skin out. So don’t forget moisturizing when it comes to caring for your hands. 

Reserve some space on your shelf for Liquid Hand Soap and for Nourishing Hand Cream, both from Ekos Castanha. In addition to providing complete care, they come with a relaxing fragrance. If you prefer a more invigorating option, a good choice is Ekos Açaí Energizing Bar Soap.

Prepare the ritual:

You should take from 40 to 60 seconds to cleanse your hands completely. Once they are clean, take a few minutes for an uncomplicated spa treatment, that can be repeated several times during the day. 

3. Facial oil to relieve tension

This is even more important in your skincare routine and includes a relaxing stage. To do this, use a facial oil such as Daily Revitalizing Oil, from Chronos, which reverses the deep damage that stress, pollution, and the sun can cause on your skin. The product has an exclusive fragrance with essential oils that help soothe the skin, leaving it relaxed, light, and refreshed.

Prepare the ritual:

Pour three drops on your hands, rub them together to warm up the oil, and then apply to your face with the palms of your hand, exercising a slight pressure to ensure it is absorbed and to help you relax. You should also massage your temples with slow circular movements to relieve tension. Take three deep breaths and make the most of this special moment.

4. Cream for tired legs and feet

After an intense day, your feet also need relief before you go to sleep. This is the time to give massage them with a specific cream for this part of your body. The right choice is Andiroba Gel Cream Deodorant for Legs and Feet), from Ekos. It relieves the sensation of tiredness and reduces swelling.

Prepare the ritual:

Sit on your bed, place one of your feet on the knee of the other leg, and apply the product uniformly from the heel to the toes. Interlace your fingers between your toes and revolve your ankle slowly four times in a clockwise direction and another four times anti-clockwise. Then apply pressure to the entire sole of the foot with your thumbs, paying special attention to areas that hurt. After, put your foot on the ground and repeat the procedure on your other foot. For even more effective results, extend the massage to your legs!

5. Essential oil is very welcome

According to Patricia, some essential oils are great allies in relieving tension and stress. This is the case with bergamot and lavender. Both promote relaxation and increase your sensation of well-being. Lavender oil can also help you to sleep better.

Prepare the ritual:

One way of benefiting from aromatherapy is burning essential lavender oil in an electric or ceramic diffuser just before you go to sleep. You could make the most of this moment for a guided meditation using the Natura Meditation app. This combination will make all the difference for anyone who has suffered from insomnia during the quarantine.

If you don’t have a diffuser and if you are not allergic to essential oils, Patricia suggests putting three drops of either of the two essential oils in the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together to warm it, and form an inverted cone with your two hands. Inhale the oil for a few seconds and feel the benefits.

6. Energising cream or soap!

To boost your disposition for your daily routine, Patricia recommends energizing products. A case in point is the Ekos Açaí product line which, in addition to moisturizing, helps to re-energize your skin and your mind, infusing you with a sensation of vitality. She suggests combining Exfoliating Shower Gel, which gently exfoliates the skin, with Body Lotion with Revitalizing Açaí Oil, which hydrates and revitalizes the skin, and with Açaí Frescor, whose fresh, light, and fruity fragrance boost your pleasure in this routine.

Another great option is the combination of Restorative Body Lotion with Andiroba Oil, by Ekos, which restores and protects the skin, forming a natural shield. Self-care routines with Ekos Andiroba products offer protection and strengthen the body and the mind.

Prepare the ritual:

In the shower, apply the soap or oil you have chosen to the body with continuous straight movements, always from the top down, to renew your energy and stimulate the organism. After the shower, hydrate your skin with the cream or oil, repeating the same continuous movements to make your body feel even better.

Following these self-care rituals will give your daily routine, which we cannot always get away from, a new meaning by promoting significant improvements in your well-being. Make the most of them!

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