Antioxidants: find out what they are and how they benefit your skin

Antioxidants: find out what they are and how they benefit your skin

Dermatologists explain where to find and how to use antioxidants, a key ally in fighting signs of early aging.

Keeping your skin healthy requires a routine that includes protection, hydration and a balanced diet. And antioxidants are a fundamental ingredient for ensuring good results. An ally in preventing wrinkles and flaccidity and, consequently, early aging, these help maintain the sheen and vigor of the skin.

According to dermatologist Juliana Toma, the main function of antioxidants is to neutralize free radicals, molecules produced by exposure to the sun, pollution, smoking, among other factors that cause oxidative stress on the skin.

“Free radicals destroy collagen, damaging the skin and facilitating the emergence of wrinkles, promoting early aging. Antioxidants act against these, leaving the skin luminous and uniform”, she explains.

The dermatologist Werick França adds that in addition to preventing damage to the collagen fibre, antioxidants contribute to the production of new collagen, helping sustain the skin more effectively. “This results in healthier looking skin”, the specialist states. 

Where to find and how to use antioxidants

The specialists explain the it is common to find antioxidants in cosmetics used for hydration and clarification. Vitamins C and E, ferulic acid and resveratrol are good examples.

Vitamin C is the most widely recognized and recommended antioxidant in the dermo-cosmetic universe”, says França. He adds that: “It is important to have specialized orientation in using it, because the dosage depends on the present condition of the skin. This is valid for everyone”.

But antioxidants are not only found in cosmetics. They also occur in some foods, such as citric fruits rich in vitamin C and grains rich in vitamin E. This is why following a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water throughout the day are important basic recommendations to ensure healthy skin. 

“Regular consumption of these foods rich in vitamins is essential because they also contain mineral salts that help nourish the skin”, Juliana recommends. 

When to start using antioxidants 

There are no contraindications for the use of antioxidants or restrictions depending on skin type. However, according to the dermatologists, use is normally recommended from the age of 30 years, when the aging process begins. 

In line with this reasoning, França states that the benefits of use will be more evident in skin at a more advanced stage of aging, for instance, after menopause. 

Young skin also benefits, but to a lesser extent, because it tends to be naturally firmer and more hydrated.

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*The specialists consulted in this article acted as journalistic sources. They did not use the space to promote any product or brand.

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