andiroba seeds being collected by native in the Amazon

Andiroba: The Amazon’s Restorative Oil

Andiroba seeds produce a rich oil that can restore the skin and treat inflammation.

The Andirobeira is one of the most popular trees in the Amazon forest. It carries powerful therapeutic benefits that make it an incredible homemade remedy. From repelling insects to healing eczema and psoriasis, the people of the forest consider Andiroba one of the best treatments to survive in such a wonderful, yet often hostile, environment.

After 3 years of intense research, we have refined the cosmetic properties of this golden liquid. Because it is rich in limonoids and terpenes, Andiroba oil restores the skin and balances its defense system. Discover how we harvest this wonderful oil and how it can benefit you!

Step 1: Sustainable Sourcing

The Andiroba fruits fall on the ground near the tree and is collected by Natura's partner cooperatives.

Step 2: Energy-Efficient Drying

After being thoroughly washed, the seeds dry for 28 days. Typically, seed drying takes place in electric stoves that require large amounts of energy. Because sustainability is at the forefront of our processes, we – along with help from Brazilian locals – have developed an alternative method using handmade greenhouses built in the style of stilts.

Step 3: Pure Extraction

After the seeds dry, the pulp is removed to obtain the rich oil. Our extraction method preserves the purity of the oil compounds as well as its functional benefits.

Andiroba Extraction Process

Andiroba Ritual for a Foot and Leg Massage

Because of its pain-relieving properties, Andiroba is ideal for massages. Whether you stand on your feet every day or exercise frequently, your legs and feet are deserving of some extra TLC.

Create a spa in the comfort of your home with our restorative Andiroba products. 

1. Set the mood

Put yourself in the right frame of mind with our Andiroba Scented Candle. Light the candle, inhale and exhale a couple of times, and relax with Andiroba’s invigorating and refreshing scent. Use this time to focus on you. 

2. Enjoy your shower 

Cleanse and moisturize skin with our Andiroba Triple Phase Shower Oil.  This organic body wash will soothe sore muscles and relieve achy areas. It’s perfect for dry skin, sensitive skin, and men or women.

3. Hydrate skin

After your shower, hydrate by massaging our Andiroba Body Lotion into your skin. This natural body lotion and moisturizer is perfect for dry skin and sensitive skin. In addition to moisturizing, soothing, and pampering skin, it will also help to firm skin. For maximum absorption, give yourself an all-over body treatment right after the shower with the skin still warm and damp. 

4. Feel renewed

Finalize the ritual with a foot and leg massage using our Andiroba Gel Cream for Legs and Feet. This soothing massage cream is perfect for tired legs, swollen feet, and even for a post-workout recovery. With a light texture and invigorating scent, it’ll leave your skin deliciously perfumed and your feet and legs ready to take you many places. 

Andiroba Aficionados

Andiroba has a passionate following. Those who have tried Natura's products with Andiroba swear by the therapeutic benefits, scent, and refreshing feel.

Are you an Andiroba aficionado too? 

We'd love to know you. Write to and tell us all about your love for Andiroba.

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