9 Myths and Truths About Skin Hydration

9 Myths and Truths About Skin Hydration

Is it true that oily skin does not need moisturizing? Can you use the same product for the body and face? Read on to clear up these and other doubts about skin hydration.

When it comes to skin hydration, there are some tips that are widely known. But are they all correct? Here we clear up nine myths and truths related to moisturizing. See ahead: 

1. It is necessary to sleep well to have beautiful skin 

True. During sleep, the skin cells are regenerated and the pH is re-established. Ideally, you should sleep the minimum amount that your body needs to rest (generally eight hours a day). This helps you to keep your skin hydrated and to avoid dark circles.

2. Oily skin does not need hydration 

Myth.  Oiliness does not mean that your face is hydrated. All skin types need hydration. This helps to balance them, as well as maintain their natural characteristics and protective barriers. Make sure you do not miss out on this step in your beauty routine for oily skin. The secret is to choose moisturizers with a light texture, such as  Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator,  whose formula promotes an instantaneous charge of hydration and stimulates the skin to self-hydrate intelligently.  

It combines fevillea, an exclusive active ingredient from Brazilian biodiversity, which stimulates natural mechanisms that produce hyaluronic acid, a powerful prebiotic that maintains the balance of the microbiota in the skin and helps strengthen the skin barrier, and hyaluronic acid-BT, which immediately boosts the skin’s levels of hydration.  

3. In the winter, body hydration should be more intense 

True. Wind and heaters contribute to drying out the skin. To keep it hydrated it is necessary to take special care. Use moisturizers that are rich in oils, such as Body Lotion with Castanha Oil. Rich in omega-6 and 9, it nourishes the skin for 30 hours, stimulating the production of structuring proteins down to the deepest layers.  

4. Hot baths/showers are bad for the skin 

True. Hot water generally removes the skin’s natural protection. On the face, hot water does more harm than good: the skin starts producing more fat for protection against dryness. The result is oilier skin in this area. 

5. A healthy diet helps hydrate the skin 

True. The better you eat, the more beautiful your skin. If your diet is full of fatty and fried foods, for example, this can increase oiliness and the incidence of pimples. 

6. Hydrated skin is better for using makeup 

True.Healthy skin is hydrated skin. When it is in balance, it benefits more from the application of other cosmetics. If you use makeup every day, do not forget to include this stage. Before applying the makeup, use  Aqua Auto-replenish Gel Hydrator which guarantees skin 5x more hydrated for up to 24 hours. 

7. Hydration for the face should be the same as hydration for the body 

Myth. The skin on the face tends to be oilier than the skin on the body. This is why body moisturizers tend to be denser, as is the case with Ucuuba Restorative Body Butter. The more delicate and sensitive skin on the face requires moisturizers that have a smoother texture together with high hydration power. 

8. The best time to apply moisturizer to the body is after bathing/showering  

True. Since bathing dehydrates the skin, it is very important to apply a good moisturizer as soon as you get out of the bath to compensate for this loss. Use Ucuuba Firming & Repairing Body Lotion, when you finish showering to leave your skin smooth and silky.  

9. It is necessary to take care of the skin on your neck and hands 

True. These areas also suffer from dryness and exposure to the sun. This is why it is important to apply a protector (use the same one for the face and the neck) and moisturizing creams on a daily basis. Try to keep some Ucuuba Restorative Hand Cream, in your bag so your hands and cuticles are hydrated all day long. The high concentration of essential fatty acids in the passion fruit hydrates and calms the skin, softening external aggressions. 

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